keeps in a sentence

Physical health keeps us alert, active and cheerful.

The newspaper keeps the people in touch with all the different corners of the world.

He never keeps his things in order.

Morning walk is a light exercise which keeps us healthy and happy.

Discipline is something which keeps everyone under good control.

A man is known by the company he keeps.

The passion for good work is like a Provident Fund that keeps on accumulating.

My watch keeps perfect time.

Forgiveness is the precious lubricant which keeps all our relationships smooth and friction-free.

No country can  develop if the ruler keeps a slack hand.

Food is the ‘fuel’ that keeps the body in good working order and supplies energy for all activities.

He keeps away from the troublemakers.

He always keeps talking about his infirmities.

Morning walk keeps me away from sickness.

The Pessimist keeps on worrying about success and failure, and ends up doing nothing.

He keeps her certificates in a file.

He will never succeed if he keeps changing his trade.

My dog keeps up a continual barking at night.

It keeps the body fit and active.

She keeps the house in a tip-top condition.

A principal keeps a very important place in the working of college.

Gardening keeps us in touch with nature.

Sandalwood keeps the forehead cool.

He keeps strict discipline in the class.

He keeps his record straight and pays his taxes well in time.

Death keeps no calendar.

This fence keeps off stray cattle.

She keeps a smiling face.

She keeps her house spick and span.

Thoughr he is poor yet he keeps up appearances by wearing fine clothes.

He always keeps the bad boys at an arm’s length.

He keeps some fierce dogs to guard his house and keep away robbers.

Eating the right foods keeps your mind and body active.

It diverts your mind from day to day stress and keeps you mentally fit.

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