judicious in a sentence

judicious in a sentence

He is very judicious in his words and actions.

We must make judicious use of our voting right.

Vital energy preserved through judicious control of sex helps in the upliftment of mind.

He made a judicious choice of books.

You are infallibly judicious.

Her choice of friends is very judicious.

We should be judicious in choosing our profession.

He made a judicious selection of books.

Going for a war is not a judicious decision.

His judicious judgement has saved the family form its break-up.

It was a judicious decision.

He has made a judicious selection of books.

That way I shall try to be judicious.

He made a judicious selection of books.

He is judicious in his decisions and humble to all.

There must be a judicious mixture of both.

It is a judicious mixture of both.

He judicious in his words and actions.

It was a judicious decision.

He made a judicious selection of books.

He is judicious in his words and actions.

He is very judicious in his outlook to life.

His advice is very judicious.

We have to adopt a cautious and judicious approach.

I am judicious in the choice of books for children.

He is a man of kind and judicious nature.

He has made a judicious selection of books.

It was a judicious decision.

We should be judicious in choosing our profession.

The judge made a judicious decision based on the evidence presented in the case.

The manager’s judicious allocation of resources led to increased productivity in the department.

In times of crisis, it’s important to make judicious choices that consider both short-term and long-term consequences.

The coach provided judicious feedback to each player, helping them improve their skills without demotivating them.

The company’s success can be attributed to its judicious investments in research and development.

She demonstrated a judicious use of words, conveying her message clearly and concisely.

The diplomat’s judicious approach to negotiations helped bridge the gap between conflicting parties.

The teacher employed judicious classroom management techniques to maintain a productive learning environment.

The chef’s judicious combination of flavors resulted in a delicious and harmonious dish.

The investor made judicious decisions by diversifying their portfolio and minimizing risks.

The CEO’s judicious leadership style inspired confidence and trust among employees.

The committee took a judicious approach in evaluating the proposed changes to the company’s policies.

The author’s judicious use of symbolism enriched the depth and meaning of the novel.

The project manager’s judicious scheduling of tasks ensured the project was completed on time.

The doctor’s judicious prescription of medications considered the patient’s medical history and current condition.

The conservationist’s judicious management of natural resources protected the delicate ecosystem.

The jury’s verdict was reached through a careful and judicious examination of the evidence.

The politician’s judicious remarks during the debate resonated with both sides of the audience.

The financial advisor offered judicious advice on how to plan for a secure retirement.

The architect’s judicious design elements combined functionality and aesthetics seamlessly.

The professor’s judicious guidance helped students navigate complex academic challenges.

The police officer exercised judicious discretion when deciding whether to issue a warning or a citation.

The editor made judicious edits to the manuscript, enhancing its clarity and coherence.

The parent’s judicious approach to discipline involved open communication and setting clear expectations.

The historian’s judicious analysis of historical events shed light on their broader implications.

The community leader’s judicious initiatives improved the quality of life for local residents.

The project team made judicious revisions to the proposal based on valuable feedback.

The scientist’s judicious methodology ensured accurate and reliable research findings.

The artist demonstrated a judicious selection of colors, creating a visually pleasing composition.

The mayor’s judicious spending on public infrastructure projects contributed to the city’s development.

The judge’s judicious remarks reminded the jury to focus on the facts of the case and set aside personal biases.

The environmentalist advocated for judicious consumption habits to reduce waste and promote sustainability.

The negotiator’s judicious compromise led to a mutually beneficial agreement between the two parties.

The professor’s judicious approach to grading considered both the content and effort put into assignments.

The parent provided judicious guidance to their child, allowing them to make their own decisions while offering support.

The software developer demonstrated a judicious approach to debugging, tackling the most critical issues first.

The project leader’s judicious delegation of tasks ensured that each team member played to their strengths.

The CEO’s judicious risk management strategies safeguarded the company from potential market fluctuations.

The curator’s judicious arrangement of art pieces in the exhibit created a narrative that engaged visitors.

The therapist offered judicious advice to help clients cope with stress and maintain mental well-being.

The journalist’s judicious investigation uncovered the truth behind the controversial story.

The traveler showed a judicious sense of budgeting by choosing accommodations and activities that aligned with their means.

The educator’s judicious incorporation of technology enhanced the learning experience without overwhelming students.

The humanitarian organization made judicious use of donated funds to maximize their impact on communities in need.

The veterinarian’s judicious treatment plan considered the animal’s age, medical history, and condition.

The athlete’s judicious training regimen balanced intense workouts with adequate rest and recovery.

The manager’s judicious reorganization of tasks streamlined the workflow and improved efficiency.

The investor’s judicious approach to stock selection focused on thorough research and long-term potential.

The conductor’s judicious interpretation of the musical score elicited a powerful performance from the orchestra.

The homeowner’s judicious landscaping choices minimized water consumption and maintained a sustainable garden.

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