join in a sentence

Every year, about one lakh students join government schools in class I.

I have decided to join the army.

Please join these two tables together.

God is ever available to help us provided we ask for it and join our hands in his hands.

In some families the intention towards is that the child should get a degree and join the family business.

Anyone is welcome to join our party.

He wants me to join him in his mission.

He intends to join army.

My mother interceded with My father to allow me to join the tour to Goa.

You can join me if you want.

Why do you want to join us?

Why don’t you join us.

Please come and join us.

Does she intend to go out and join him?

Which college do you intend to join ?

May I join in the game ?

I wish you would join this club.

You have written that you intend to join a college.

May I join you ?

I Would you join me in the dance ?

They want to join us?

You can join them.

I have decided to join army.

I shall join diploma in journalism.

Kindly permit me to join the party.

It was my keen desire to join a college after passing my matriculation examination.

We can join them in many different ways.

Why don’t you join us?

He may not join the army.

You wish me to join your business.

I failed to join you.

I do not want to join politics either.

I wish to join the firm.

The new appointees are to join duty within a week.

He has opted to join legal profession.

I shall join some multi- national company.

He is to join his duty within this week.

I am going to join you tomorrow.

You are cordially invited to join us on this happy occasion.

You will join the marriage party.

He may join the strike.

You can join duty as you are well now.

I want to join the army.

Having been late, I could not join the celebrations.

I would be happy if I could join you.

Please join us for lunch.

You may join tomorrow.

I wish to join a local college here and for that I need a testimonial from you.

Make up your mind whether you want to join a college or seek employment.

He may not join the army.

He told me that he might join the party.

I am very keen to join this educational tour.

Kindly permit me to join the party.

Why don’t you ask him to join us ?

He may not join the army.

Will you join us for coffee?

Would you like to join me for lunch?

Would you like to join us?

They should be paid lucrative salaries so that people want to join these occupations.

We regret that neither of us can join you on that great day.

I hope you will permit me to join this tour.

I am keen to join the tour.

My son is keen to join the air force.

I shall join office from Monday.

We would like to join the course immediately.

He is building his body so that he may join army.

He will join school on tomorrow.

He will join the meeting if he is allowed to do so.

She enjoyed her work and inspired many to join her.

Which profession do you want to join ?

Now join both hands.

Take your hands up in the air and join them in a Namaste position.

You have to fold your hands together and join them.

Do away with unhealthy habits.

Why did he join that college ?

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