jogging in a sentence

We do jogging and try to leave behind the others in this activity.

Jogging is an easy exercise that can be done while working.

Jogging is one of the easiest exercises to energise yourself.

Jogging can help a great deal in making you sharp.

Wake up early and begin your day by jogging.

What does jogging do to your brain?

Walking or jogging every morning helps freshen your body, mind and soul.

Jogging will help you to be fit both physically and mentally.

He regularly does jogging.

Jogging is a very fantastic activity because it requires practically no equipment.

How many days it takes to lose weight by Jogging?

In the dream I was jogging on the beach in Goa.

If you don’t feel like running, try jogging.

People can be seen jogging in the morning.

Jogging can help you stay sharp.

I wake up early and sweat out excessive calories by jogging.

Spot jogging for five minutes a day can banish laziness.

She had been hit by a car while jogging.