jealous in a sentence

We should not feel jealous of others.

Are you jealous of his wealth?

People are feeling jealous of each others.

Why do we become jealous?

He is often jealous of others and thinks that others are also jealous of him.

He shuffled off from his jealous friends.

He is very jealous of you.

I am not jealous of success of anybody.

Are you jealous of anyone?

Why are you feeling jealous of him?

I’m so jealous of your job.

Let’s make him jealous.

He’d never been jealous in his life before.

I feel jealous if someone hugs you.

Certain things and situations can make him jealous at a point.

Every man would love to make his woman jealous at times.

Many reasons can make get friend jealous of you.

It is easy to make him jealous.

Men do not want to marry women who are extremely jealous.

Ignoring him is a good way to make him jealous.

We should not be jealous of others.

He is jealous of his friend’s success in the examination.

She is jealous of them.

He is not liked by anybody because of his jealous nature.

He is jealous by nature.

I feel jealous of her tremendous success.

You are jealous of me

A jealous person can never be happy.

He is rude to her friends and obsessively jealous.

Do not be jealous of others.

He is jealous of his brother.

He is jealous of my progress.

She is jealous of my achievements.

I am disagreeable with jealous peopIe.

I am not jealous of you.

She is very jealous of her sister

They feel jealous of others.

A jealous person has no peace of mind.

Why are you always so jealous of other people?

He does not feel jealous of anyone.

They feel jealous of those people who have no work to do.

He was said to be jealous of her.

I’m jealous that you have a good boss.

He is jealous of his friend’s success.

She is very jealous of her sister.

They feel jealous of others.

He is jealous by nature.

I am not jealous of your wealth.

Everyone is jealous of him.

She is jealous of her sister’s beauty.

He was jealous of him.

They are jealous of my success.

He is jealous of my progress.

Do not be jealous of others.

We should not feel jealous of other’s wealth.

We should not be jealous of others.

She’s jealous of them.

We forget that being jealous will not harm anyone but our own self.

Why am I jealous over this issue?

Everybody was jealous of my success.

You must not be jealous of others’ success.

He is jealous of her talent.

She is totally jealous of your youth.

He is jealous of his colleague’s success.

They are jealous of our success.

He was jealous of his wife.

He was jealous of their happiness.

He was jealous of my success.

I am jealous of your intelligence.

The truth is I was jealous of you.

She’s really jealous of me.

He was often jealous of his brother.

She’s jealous and mean.

You’re just jealous because I’m having a good time and you’re not.

Her friends are jealous of her.

No one was jealous of her.

This made him jealous and a bit angry.

His jealous nature made it difficult for him to genuinely celebrate the success of others.

The jealous sibling would often try to one-up their brother, seeking attention and approval from their parents.

The jealous neighbor spread rumors about the newlyweds, unable to bear their happiness and success.

The jealous friend would often make backhanded compliments, unable to genuinely celebrate the achievements of others.

The jealous team member would undermine their colleagues’ ideas and accomplishments in order to shine brighter.

The jealous classmate would intentionally sabotage others’ projects to ensure their own success.

The jealous employee spread false rumors about their coworker in an attempt to tarnish their reputation.

The jealous sibling would hide or damage their brother’s belongings out of envy and spite.

The jealous teammate would deliberately withhold information and resources from others to maintain a competitive edge.

The jealous artist couldn’t stand seeing other artists receive recognition and would downplay their talents and success.

The jealous friend would often exclude others from social gatherings to maintain their perceived superiority.

The jealous coworker would constantly compare their own work to others, feeling threatened by their success.

The jealous sibling would manipulate situations to make themselves the center of attention, seeking validation and admiration.

The jealous classmate would mock others for their interests and hobbies, trying to diminish their enthusiasm.

The jealous neighbor would go to great lengths to outdo others in terms of material possessions, seeking validation through materialism.

The jealous ex-partner would stalk their former significant other’s social media profiles, obsessively monitoring their activities.

The jealous rival would copy and imitate the ideas and projects of others, trying to claim credit for their success.

The jealous coworker would take credit for their colleague’s ideas and accomplishments, seeking recognition for themselves.

She couldn’t help but feel jealous when her friend received a promotion, leading to a strained dynamic in their relationship.

The jealous sibling would manipulate family events to ensure they were always at the center of attention.

The jealous acquaintance would boast about their own achievements, seeking validation and attempting to overshadow others.

The jealous employee would constantly compare their salary to their colleagues, leading to resentment and discontent.

The jealous classmate would make snarky comments and spread rumors to tarnish their peer’s academic reputation.

The jealous teammate would undermine and criticize others’ performance to secure their position as the star player.

The jealous friend would intentionally downplay others’ achievements to make themselves feel superior.

The jealous ex-partner would try to interfere with their former lover’s new relationship out of spite.

The jealous competitor would spread false rumors about their rival’s business to gain a competitive advantage.

The jealous influencer would engage in online trolling and negativity towards others in their industry.

The jealous parent would constantly compare their child to others, creating an unhealthy environment of pressure and competition.

She felt jealous when her friend received praise for their creative talents, causing her to question her own abilities.

The jealous roommate would intentionally damage or hide their roommate’s belongings to provoke a reaction.

The jealous acquaintance would intentionally exclude others from social gatherings, creating a sense of exclusion and isolation.

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