how to use its in a sentence

The dog wagged its tail at seeing me.

Every country has its peculiar traditions.

The jury is considering its judgement.

The company wants to expand its business.

The sun gives its own light.

Where is its need ?

India is known for its rich culture.

The jury is giving its verdict just now.

Let the past bury its dead.

His ministry is on its last legs, it may fall any day.

Does every country have its own currency?

I picked the mouse up by its tail.

The jury was unanimous in its verdict.

His book became popular soon after its publication.

Imperialism is on its last legs.

The snake crawls on its belly.

The ship lost its sail in the storm.

The team rejoiced in its victory.

Amritsar is famous for its hospitality.

I took no notice of its rudeness.

Everything in this world has its own merits and demerits.

Every religion has its own ways and customs.

The entire hall was packed to its full capacity.

The camel can store water in its hump for a week.

Our country’s government is committed to work for the upliftment of its people.

The moon changes its size and shape every night.

The jury has pronounced its judgement.

The matador was packed to its capacity.

Varanasi is famous for its ghats and temples.

His business is on its last legs now.

Nip the evil in its bud.

He put his sword in its sheath.

Everything has its beginning

This picture deserves high praise for its story and direction.

The police failed in its attempt to control the unruly mob.

When a product becomes scarce in supply its price tends to rise.

A circle has a point in its centre.

This fashion is on its last legs.

Literature has its origin in the heart of man.

It does its work itself.

Honesty always pays its way in due course.

If there is shortage of a commodity, its price goes up.

Virtue has its own reward.

A good book is the life-blood of its author.

The jury gave its verdict.

Iron is extracted from its ore by melting.

The river overflowed its bank.

Please take the buffalo to its shed.

The house with all its furniture was auctioned at a very low bid.

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