invented in a sentence

Science has invented machines.

The steam-engine was invented by James Watt.

Television was invented in Europe some fifty years ago.

In earliest times, man invented fire by rubbing wooden sticks or stones.

Who invented the aeroplane?

Dynamite was invented to clear huge mountains to turn it into productive land, but modern man is using it to kill his fellow human beings and destroy nature.

The man who invented the Safety Lamp was Sir Humphrey Davy.

Robert Fulton invented the steamboat.

Zero, the small and the first whole number, was invented by the Indians.

Trains were invented in the nineteenth century.

Who invented smartphones?

The first burger was invented by Louis Lassen.

There is no vaccine invented for dengue as yet.

Humans have invented various forms of medical sciences in an effort to find the best possible treatment for our ailments.

There is no idea who invented it.

Who invented the steam-engine?

Do you know who invented the telephone?

Who invented the light bulb?

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