introspection in a sentence

Terror attack underlines need for introspection.

There was a definite need for introspection.

It is time for some introspection.

There is no sign of introspection.

There is need for introspection.

This needs introspection.

His introspection report too has overlooked it.

This surely calls for serious introspection.

He calls for introspection.

Will they go in for true introspection?

These provide food for thought, reflection and introspection.

Has this tragedy given rise to introspection?

The growing number of women harassment cases at workplace call for deeper introspection.

He stressed on self introspection and urged youth to adhere to his teachings .

Since a change is imminent, it will be ideal time for introspection.

It requires serious introspection as to where we are lacking and what should be done to rectify the situation.

Keep that training aside and do your own introspection.

He seems to be in an introspection mode.

There is need for introspection.

It was an occasion for introspection.

It is suitable for introspection.

Self-introspection does wonders.

It is time for serious introspection.

We need to constantly spend time in introspection.

Please do some introspection.

Do we ever indulge in this introspection and soul searching?

This was the time for me for introspection.

After introspection, I think it was a great utilisation of time.

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