Interested-word meaning in hindi

Adjective : अनुरक्त, आकृष्ट, पक्षपातपूर्ण, रुचि, संबद्ध, सम्बद्ध, हितपरायण, हितबद्ध, दिलचस्पी लेने वाला, रुचि रखनेवाला

Example Sentences :

Few students are interested in reading this novel.

It is because she is interested in the progress of her students.

It was a very interested story.

They are interested only in their grades.

Be interested in the other fellow.

People were more interested into the pictures.

But frankly speaking, I am not interested in science.

He is not interested even in his fellow human beings.

I couldn’t make out as to why he was so interested to know all about you.

The lecture interested them.

He is interested in stamp collecting.

The man-in-the-street is not interested in politics he only wants food, clothing and shelter.

You should contact him if you are interested in the job.

Some people are interested in international news, others prefer watching national news.

The lecture interested them.

Isn’t she interested in school?

Their explanation interested people.

Why did she use to be interested in him?

My examination interested people.

They can keep a girl interested in you at all times.

They may not be be interested in you at all.

But after being elected, most of the politicians were only interested in grinding their own axe.

Nowadays, we seem to be more interested in cricket.

He is interested in mathematics.

He is interested in painting.

Are you interested in politics?

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