intelligence in a sentence

Different authorities define intelligence in different ways.

A person may have high intelligence but poor judgment.

He is liked by his teachers for his intelligence and obedience to elders.

She is well above average in intelligence.

Without hard work and intelligence success is not possible in any profession.

It requires a lot of intelligence and co-operation.

Owl is a bird that has been credited with intelligence in the west.

He loathed my intelligence and revolutionary ideas.

Intelligence overpowers physical strength.

It affects your brain and kill intelligence.

They tend to hide their intelligence.

It can reduce your intelligence.

We generally think that we cannot do much about our intelligence.

Intelligence is God’s gift and not all people have this.

Both intelligence and wisdom have their own roles in our lives.

They are known for high intelligence and creativity.

Some women are attracted to intelligence.

Persian cats are known for their intelligence.

Don’t support and pamper his intelligence.

He has a great sense of intelligence.

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