injuries in a sentence

He received some minor injuries.

She sustained injuries.

I got some injuries but they were not serious.

We regret to report that our employee has sustained serious injuries while doing his work.

He is trying to take stock of his injuries.

He had received only minor injuries.

They often cause physical injuries to their rivalsĀ°.

He had received many injuries.

The injuries are not so serious.

He had met with an accident and received serious injuries.

Some of the passengers received minor injuries.

He received a number of injuries.

The bus turned turtle and many passengers received serious injuries.

He succumbed to his injuries.

Those whose injuries were not serious were discharged after first aid.

Many passengers had received multiple injuries.

My brother got minor injuries and is now quite well.

I fell down and got some minor injuries.

He received multiple injuries and are being treated at a hospital.

The children risk injuries on a daily basis.

He sustained several injuries in the accident.

Fireworks cause injuries causing to carelessness of people.

His injuries were grievous.

He suffered minor injuries in the accident.

I have received serious injuries in the accident.

She received serious injuries.

She had received many injuries.

Received serious injuries on head and chest.

He sustained serious injuries on chest.

He suffered multiple injuries.

He suffered head injuries and died on way to hospital.

She had received injuries under the eyes.

He suffered internal injuries in the car accident.

His injuries are all external.

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