injuries in a sentence

He received some minor injuries.

She sustained injuries.

I got some injuries but they were not serious.

We regret to report that our employee has sustained serious injuries while doing his work.

He is trying to take stock of his injuries.

He had received only minor injuries.

They often cause physical injuries to their rivals°.

He had received many injuries.

The injuries are not so serious.

He had met with an accident and received serious injuries.

Some of the passengers received minor injuries.

He received a number of injuries.

The bus turned turtle and many passengers received serious injuries.

He succumbed to his injuries.

Those whose injuries were not serious were discharged after first aid.

Many passengers had received multiple injuries.

My brother got minor injuries and is now quite well.

I fell down and got some minor injuries.

He received multiple injuries and are being treated at a hospital.

The children risk injuries on a daily basis.

He sustained several injuries in the accident.

Fireworks cause injuries causing to carelessness of people.

His injuries were grievous.

He suffered minor injuries in the accident.

I have received serious injuries in the accident.

She received serious injuries.

She had received many injuries.

Received serious injuries on head and chest.

He sustained serious injuries on chest.

He suffered multiple injuries.

He suffered head injuries and died on way to hospital.

She had received injuries under the eyes.

He suffered internal injuries in the car accident.

His injuries are all external.

The athlete’s quick reflexes helped him avoid serious injuries during the intense match.

She sustained minor injuries in a car accident but was fortunate to recover quickly.

The safety regulations were implemented to prevent workplace injuries and ensure employee well-being.

The doctor assessed the extent of the patient’s injuries after the fall and recommended a treatment plan.

The construction worker wore protective gear to minimize the risk of sustaining injuries on the job.

The medical team provided immediate care to the accident victims, attending to their injuries.

The soccer player underwent physical therapy to rehabilitate the knee injury and regain strength.

The safety awareness campaign aimed to educate the community about common household injuries and how to prevent them.

The hiker was well-prepared with first aid supplies in case of any injuries during the trek.

The emergency room was busy attending to patients with various injuries from a recent collision.

The boxer suffered a severe head injury during the match and was immediately taken to the hospital.

The paramedics arrived at the scene of the accident to provide assistance to those with injuries.

The coach emphasized proper warm-up techniques to reduce the risk of muscle injuries during training.

The cyclist wore a helmet to protect against head injuries while riding on busy roads.

The occupational therapist worked with the patient to develop a customized plan for managing their injuries.

The ski resort offered safety lessons to beginners to prevent common skiing and snowboarding injuries.

The firefighter’s quick response prevented the injuries from escalating after a gas leak.

The workplace safety seminar focused on recognizing potential hazards and minimizing the risk of injuries.

The athlete’s dedication to cross-training helped prevent overuse injuries and improve overall performance.

The lifeguard rescued a swimmer from drowning, preventing potential injuries.

The coach emphasized the importance of proper technique to prevent strain and injuries during exercise.

The child’s curiosity led to minor injuries as they explored the surroundings without supervision.

The car crash resulted in multiple injuries, requiring the intervention of emergency medical services.

The ski instructor emphasized the need to adhere to skiing guidelines to prevent collisions and injuries.

The soccer player wore shin guards to protect against leg injuries from potential tackles.

The trauma center was equipped to handle a wide range of injuries, from minor to critical.

The motorcyclist suffered multiple injuries in a traffic accident and required immediate medical attention.

The gymnast’s years of training paid off as she executed complex routines with precision and minimal injuries.

The workplace underwent safety renovations to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries among employees.

The marathon runner took precautions to stay hydrated and avoid heat-related injuries during the race.

The firefighter’s protective clothing and gear helped minimize potential injuries while battling the blaze.

The skateboarder wore knee and elbow pads to protect against scrapes and fractures from potential injuries.

The coach emphasized the importance of proper warm-up exercises to prevent muscle injuries in the team.

The medical team responded swiftly to the scene of the accident, providing immediate care to those with injuries.

The workplace safety manual outlined procedures for reporting accidents and injuries to the management.

The young gymnast’s dedication and discipline helped her recover quickly from a wrist injury.

The surgeon successfully repaired the torn ligament, enabling the athlete to return to the game after recovering from the injury.

The lifeguard received specialized training in water rescue techniques to prevent drowning and related injuries.

The accident investigation revealed that faulty equipment was responsible for causing the injuries to the workers.

The cyclist wore high-visibility clothing to reduce the risk of accidents and potential injuries on the road.

The ski patrol was well-prepared to respond to injuries on the slopes and provide necessary medical attention.

The safety protocol required employees to wear protective eyewear to prevent eye injuries while working with chemicals.

The young basketball player suffered a sprained ankle but remained determined to return to the court after healing from the injury.

The playground was designed with safety features to minimize the risk of injuries among children during play.

The physical therapist used various techniques to alleviate pain and improve mobility in patients with sports injuries.

The race organizers ensured proper signage and barriers to prevent tripping and falling injuries among runners.

The pedestrian suffered minor injuries after being hit by a cyclist who failed to follow traffic rules.

The ski resort implemented measures to ensure that skiers and snowboarders followed guidelines to prevent collisions and injuries.

The training program for new employees included a session on workplace safety to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.

The mountain climber took every precaution to minimize the risk of injuries while ascending challenging routes.

The occupational health program aimed to educate workers about proper lifting techniques to prevent back injuries.

The hospital’s trauma center was well-equipped to handle severe injuries resulting from accidents and emergencies.

The karate class emphasized discipline and control to minimize the risk of inflicting injuries during sparring sessions.

The police officers provided immediate assistance to victims of a car crash, ensuring prompt medical attention for their injuries.

The doctor advised the patient to rest and avoid strenuous activities to aid the healing process of the leg injury.

The athletic trainer conducted stretching exercises with the team to prevent muscle strains and injuries.

The ski instructor enforced strict rules to ensure the safety of all skiers and reduce the risk of collisions and injuries.

The soccer player underwent a rigorous rehabilitation program to regain strength and flexibility after a knee injury.

The safety audit identified areas in the workplace that required improvements to prevent accidents and injuries.

The gym instructor demonstrated proper lifting techniques to help participants avoid injuries while strength training.

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