Inebriated in a sentence

Inebriated in a sentence

Yesterday Inebriated boys created ruckus inside college campus.

The driver is arrested for driving in inebriated state.

He is in an inebriated condition during his duty hours at night.

He is nabbed by the police in an inebriated state.

An inebriated man stabbed his wife to death.

My husband becomes inebriated at every party.

He was beaten up by an inebriated man.

Drivers should not drive in an inebriated state.

My brother usually returns home around 10 pm in an inebriated state.

He assaulted me in an inebriated condition.

He abused me in an inebriated condition.

He forcibly entered my room in an inebriated state.

Do not enter my room in an inebriated state.

He committed the crime in an inebriated condition.

Mostly criminals commit crimes in an inebriated condition.

He killed his friend in an inebriated condition.

He lost control over his car because he was in an inebriated condition.

Why did you come my home in an inebriated condition?

How dare you come my home in an inebriated condition?

He often resorted to abusing his wife and children in an inebriated condition.

He attempted suicide in an inebriated condition.

In an inebriated state, he beat up his wife.

In an inebriated condition he burnt his house.

He was arrested for vandalizing in an inebriated condition.

My neighbor stabbed me in an inebriated condition.

After consuming several glasses of wine, he became inebriated and started singing loudly at the party.

The police officer pulled over the driver who appeared to be inebriated and conducted a sobriety test.

She regretted the decision to drive home while inebriated, realizing the potential danger she posed on the road.

The group of friends became increasingly inebriated as they celebrated the New Year’s Eve.

The bartender refused to serve the visibly inebriated customer, concerned for their safety.

His speech became slurred and his movements unsteady as he grew more inebriated throughout the night.

The concert was disrupted by an inebriated fan who stumbled onto the stage.

The restaurant manager noticed that a patron had become inebriated and offered to call a taxi for them.

She woke up the next morning with a pounding headache, realizing she had become inebriated at the party.

The inebriated behavior of the guest led to an awkward and embarrassing situation at the formal event.

The law prohibits driving while inebriated to ensure road safety.

The comedian’s performance was entertaining, but some found his inebriated humor inappropriate.

The man was arrested for causing a disturbance while inebriated in a public place.

The consequences of acting inebriated can lead to poor decision-making and regret.

The parents were concerned when they realized their teenager was inebriated at the party.

The bar staff is trained to recognize signs of inebriation and prevent over-serving customers.

The actor’s inebriated behavior at the awards show became a viral sensation on social media.

The doctor advised against taking medication while inebriated due to potential side effects.

The effects of alcohol can be dangerous when one becomes inebriated.

The host ensured that guests had access to transportation options to avoid driving inebriated after the event.

She recounted the embarrassing stories from her inebriated college days, eliciting laughter from her friends.

The inebriated couple danced clumsily at the wedding reception, amusing the other guests.

The police officer’s experience in handling inebriated individuals allowed him to defuse tense situations.

The inebriated patron stumbled and knocked over a table, causing a commotion in the crowded bar.

The designated driver ensured that everyone got home safely without any inebriated driving incidents.

The party host provided water and snacks to help sober up the inebriated guests before they left.

The consequences of being inebriated at work can result in disciplinary action or even termination.

The comedian’s jokes about his own inebriated escapades resonated with the audience’s laughter.

The organization launched a campaign to raise awareness about the dangers of inebriated boating.

The inebriated speech at the wedding reception brought tears of laughter and heartfelt emotion.

The college campus instituted a program to prevent inebriated students from driving after parties.

The bartender intervened when an inebriated customer began to get aggressive with other patrons.

The music festival organizers provided medical tents to assist inebriated attendees who needed help.

The effects of inebriation can impair judgment and lead to risky behaviors.

The inebriated artist painted vibrant and unconventional strokes on the canvas, creating a unique masterpiece.

The party atmosphere changed when a fight broke out among a group of inebriated attendees.

The police officer’s priority was to ensure the safety of pedestrians and drivers from inebriated individuals.

The morning after a night of inebriation, he woke up with a sense of regret and a hazy memory.

The law enforcement agency conducted checkpoints to prevent inebriated driving during holidays.

The hotel staff was accustomed to dealing with inebriated guests returning from late-night outings.

The campaign aimed to educate young adults about the potential consequences of inebriated decision-making.

The inebriated man attempted to engage strangers in a lengthy and nonsensical conversation.

The inebriated couple got lost on their way home and had to call a taxi for assistance.

The inebriated fan’s attempts to sing along with the band were off-key and comical.

The inebriated laughter echoed through the house as friends shared funny stories from the past.

The inebriated sailor stumbled as he tried to disembark from the ship onto the dock.

The bartender was skilled at managing inebriated customers and ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment.

The inebriated revelry continued well into the night, with people dancing and singing around the bonfire.

The inebriated individual was unaware of the risks and dangers associated with their behavior.

The company implemented a policy to provide transportation alternatives for employees who were inebriated after office events.

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