indolent in a sentence

He is a man of indolent habits. You cannot expect him to succeed in business.

Don’t be indolent.

There is no place for any indolent in this system.

He is indolent and has a suspicious nature.

You have to stop your indolent attitude towards your work.

He is looked down upon as good for nothing and indolent idler.

He is a man of indolent attitude.

There is no place for any corrupt or indolent in the system.

The staff at this library is highly indolent and unresponsive.

You cannot use age as an excuse for being indolent.

What is the difference between lethargic and indolent?

Don’t be indolent.

Abundance makes a man indolent.

Why are you so indolent?

I feel myself indolent and have no desire to do anything.

The indolent person avoids the task completely.

There are some cancers which may remain indolent for decades before they cause symptoms.

it is an indolent slow-growing cancer.

He was brilliantly indolent.

Stones are perceived as indolent disease.

He used to be an indolent boy but now he works quite hard.

He was too indolent to be successful.

He is very indolent.

He was too indolent to be successful.

He was so indolent that he could not be successful.

He was an indolent man.

Synonyms of Indolent

drony, idle, lazy, sluggish, lethargic, dull, vacant, lumpish, languid, slow, slothful, torpid,  otiose, shiftless, apathetic