indolent in a sentence

He is a man of indolent habits. You cannot expect him to succeed in business.

Don’t be indolent.

There is no place for any indolent in this system.

He is indolent and has a suspicious nature.

You have to stop your indolent attitude towards your work.

He is looked down upon as good for nothing and indolent idler.

He is a man of indolent attitude.

There is no place for any corrupt or indolent in the system.

The staff at this library is highly indolent and unresponsive.

You cannot use age as an excuse for being indolent.

What is the difference between lethargic and indolent?

Don’t be indolent.

Abundance makes a man indolent.

Why are you so indolent?

I feel myself indolent and have no desire to do anything.

The indolent person avoids the task completely.

There are some cancers which may remain indolent for decades before they cause symptoms.

it is an indolent slow-growing cancer.

He was brilliantly indolent.

Stones are perceived as indolent disease.

He used to be an indolent boy but now he works quite hard.

He was too indolent to be successful.

He is very indolent.

He was too indolent to be successful.

He was so indolent that he could not be successful.

He was an indolent man.

Despite having a deadline approaching, John remained indolent and refused to start working on his project.

Mary’s indolent attitude towards her studies caused her grades to suffer.

The indolent employee consistently avoided taking on additional responsibilities and instead relied on others to do the work.

Sarah’s indolent behavior irritated her parents, who wanted her to be more proactive and responsible.

The company’s indolent approach to customer service resulted in many dissatisfied customers.

Mark’s indolent nature prevented him from achieving his goals and progressing in his career.

The indolent summer days were spent by the pool, lazily soaking up the sun and sipping cold drinks.

Despite having a long to-do list, Jane succumbed to her indolent tendencies and spent the entire afternoon napping instead.

The indolent student skipped classes regularly and rarely completed assignments, leading to poor academic performance.

The indolent manager neglected his responsibilities, causing chaos and inefficiency in the workplace.

Sarah’s indolent approach to exercise and healthy living led to weight gain and declining physical health.

The indolent driver refused to use their turn signal, causing frustration and potential accidents for other motorists.

Despite being fully capable, the indolent artist rarely produced new work and wasted their talent.

The indolent hiker chose to sit on a bench and admire the view instead of exploring the beautiful trails.

The indolent writer struggled to find motivation and spent most of their time staring at a blank page.

The indolent student constantly procrastinated on studying, relying on last-minute cramming before exams.

Sarah’s indolent approach to household chores resulted in a messy and disorganized living environment.

The indolent employee frequently arrived late to work and often took extended breaks, causing frustration among their colleagues.

Despite having a talent for playing the piano, Jack’s indolence prevented him from practicing regularly and honing his skills.

The indolent traveler spent their vacation lounging on the beach, rarely venturing out to explore the local culture and attractions.

The indolent student neglected their homework and studying, leading to poor grades and missed opportunities for academic growth.

Despite the mounting bills and financial responsibilities, the indolent individual refused to seek employment and relied on others for support.

The indolent chef took shortcuts in the kitchen, resulting in poorly prepared meals that lacked flavor and quality.

The indolent employee consistently avoided taking on challenging projects and instead opted for easy and mundane tasks.

Despite the urgency of the situation, the indolent firefighter took their time responding to the emergency call, causing unnecessary delays.

The indolent entrepreneur lacked the drive and ambition necessary to grow their business, leading to stagnation and missed opportunities.

The indolent student habitually skipped class, choosing to sleep in or engage in leisure activities instead.

Despite having a passion for art, the indolent painter rarely picked up a brush and let their talent go to waste.

The indolent employee consistently failed to meet deadlines and deliver work on time, causing frustration among their colleagues.

The indolent gardener neglected the plants, resulting in a neglected and overgrown garden.

Despite having a job offer in hand, the indolent job seeker procrastinated on accepting it, missing out on a great opportunity.

The indolent student avoided participating in extracurricular activities, missing out on valuable learning experiences and personal growth.

The indolent driver ignored routine vehicle maintenance, leading to frequent breakdowns and costly repairs.

Despite being surrounded by opportunities for learning, the indolent individual chose to remain stagnant and resist personal development.

The indolent employee often took long lunch breaks and extended coffee breaks, wasting valuable work hours.

Despite the beautiful weather outside, the indolent child preferred to stay indoors and play video games all day.

The indolent roommate rarely contributed to household chores, leaving the burden on others to maintain cleanliness and order.

The indolent entrepreneur lacked the motivation to adapt to changing market trends, leading to the downfall of their business.

The indolent student consistently skipped study group sessions, missing out on valuable collaborative learning opportunities.

Despite having a pile of laundry to do, the indolent individual chose to simply buy new clothes instead.

The indolent employee frequently took extended lunch breaks, leaving their coworkers to cover their workload.

The indolent musician rarely practiced their instrument, resulting in a lack of progress and skill development.

The indolent homeowner neglected home repairs, allowing minor issues to escalate into costly and extensive damage.

Despite having a promising athletic career, the indolent athlete failed to maintain a consistent training routine, hindering their performance.

The indolent student spent most of their class time daydreaming instead of paying attention and actively participating in lessons.

The indolent reader had a shelf full of unread books, yet never made the effort to pick one up and dive into a story.

Despite having the necessary ingredients in the pantry, the indolent cook often resorted to ordering takeout instead of preparing a homemade meal.

The indolent employee frequently took personal phone calls and engaged in non-work-related activities, wasting valuable work hours.

The indolent student relied on others to do their group project work, contributing very little effort themselves.

Despite the pressing need for conservation, the indolent individual continued to waste resources without considering the environmental impact.

The indolent artist lacked the discipline to practice and refine their artistic skills, hindering their artistic progress.

The indolent traveler failed to plan ahead, resulting in missed flights and last-minute scrambling.

Despite having the necessary tools and equipment, the indolent handyman often postponed home repairs, causing further damage.

The indolent employee frequently procrastinated on important tasks, causing stress and rushed work near deadlines.

The indolent student neglected to attend lectures, relying solely on class notes and textbooks for exam preparation.

Synonyms of Indolent

drony, idle, lazy, sluggish, lethargic, dull, vacant, lumpish, languid, slow, slothful, torpid,  otiose, shiftless, apathetic

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