independence in a sentence

The national flag of India was adopted on 22nd of July in 1947 some days after the independence of India.

Since independence, there has been much improvement in the lot of women in India.

Our independence came after a long and hard struggle.

India got independence in 1947.

Gandhiji fought the battle of independence.

Women should assert and achieve economic independence so as to be able to play their proper and legitimate role in society.

India Gained independence on 15 August, 1947.

You can’t build character and courage by taking away a man’s initiative and independence.

Many steel plants have been set up in India after independence.

I wish you all a very happy independence day.

Since Independence, India has attained much industrial progress.

What is the importance of independence day in India?

What is the importance of independence day in India?

His efforts for Indian independence are unparalleled.

After gaining independence it is science and technology which helped India advance through times.

We have passed a long way since independence but still we need to do a lot.

During our college life we get independence in taking many decisions on our own.

And after independence he became the ambassador of the Soviet Union.

Probably this was the most unique independence struggle.

We fought very hard to get our independence.

It’s the day on which the Indian sub-continent got independence after a long struggle.

Self-help groups have infused a new era of financial independence for millions of women.

The country fought for its independence from colonial rule and finally gained freedom in 1947.

As a teenager, she yearned for independence and eagerly moved out to live on her own.

The company’s financial stability allowed it to operate with complete independence from external investors.

The young artist’s unique style and vision showcased her creative independence in the art world.

The elderly woman valued her independence and refused any assistance with daily chores.

The newly established nation celebrated its declaration of independence with parades and festivities.

The college students cherished their newfound independence as they navigated life away from home.

The government encouraged entrepreneurship to promote economic independence and job creation.

The research institute emphasized its scientific independence by conducting unbiased studies.

The treaty recognized the sovereignty and political independence of the newly formed nation.

The company’s decentralized structure gave individual branches a degree of operational independence.

The teenager’s part-time job allowed her to enjoy financial independence by covering her expenses.

The country’s struggle for independence inspired similar movements in neighboring regions.

The artist’s refusal to conform to artistic norms showcased his bold creative independence.

The country’s economic growth was a key factor in achieving financial independence from foreign aid.

The historical museum displayed artifacts related to the fight for national independence.

The political leader emphasized the importance of maintaining cultural and linguistic independence.

The university emphasized academic independence, encouraging students to pursue their research interests.

The nonprofit organization focused on empowering marginalized communities to achieve self-reliance and independence.

The elderly man’s health declined, but he was determined to maintain his physical independence for as long as possible.

The teenager’s after-school job provided her with a sense of financial independence, allowing her to save for her future.

The new constitution ensured a separation of powers to safeguard the nation’s political independence.

The orphaned siblings relied on each other for emotional support and fostered a strong sense of independence.

The company’s success story was rooted in the founder’s pursuit of innovation and independence from industry norms.

The art exhibition showcased diverse works that celebrated artists’ creative independence and unique perspectives.

The university emphasized critical thinking skills to empower students with intellectual independence.

The nation’s leaders worked tirelessly to preserve its hard-won independence through diplomacy and alliances.

The recent technological advancements have contributed to increased energy independence by harnessing renewable resources.

The community garden promoted food independence by teaching residents how to grow their own produce.

The judicial branch plays a crucial role in upholding the rule of law and maintaining its independence from political influence.

The historical document outlined the reasons for seeking independence from an oppressive government.

The country’s educational reforms aimed to foster creativity and intellectual independence among students.

The artist’s unconventional approach to storytelling highlighted his narrative independence and artistic vision.

The local business owners formed an association to promote economic independence and support each other.

The declaration of independence marked a turning point in the nation’s history, symbolizing its commitment to self-governance.

The wildlife sanctuary’s conservation efforts aimed to protect the habitat and ensure the survival and independence of endangered species.

The teenager’s solo backpacking trip across Europe was a testament to her adventurous spirit and desire for personal independence.

The nation’s leaders commemorated the anniversary of independence with a series of cultural events and patriotic ceremonies.

The artist’s studio provided an environment of creative independence, where she could freely experiment with different mediums.

The philanthropic organization focused on empowering individuals with disabilities to achieve greater independence and inclusivity in society.

The country’s diverse cultural heritage was integral to its struggle for independence, uniting people from various backgrounds.

The research institute’s unbiased findings demonstrated its commitment to scientific integrity and intellectual independence.

The young adult novel explored themes of identity and self-discovery, highlighting the protagonist’s journey toward emotional independence.

The entrepreneur’s innovative business model allowed her to maintain financial independence and control over her company’s direction.

The national museum showcased artifacts and documents that illustrated the nation’s journey toward independence and sovereignty.

The transition from college to the workforce marked a significant step toward personal and financial independence for many graduates.

The political movement gained momentum, advocating for greater autonomy and cultural independence for the marginalized region.

The country’s economic policies aimed to reduce dependency on foreign imports and promote self-sufficiency and economic independence.

The literary magazine provided a platform for emerging writers to express their voices and fostered a sense of literary independence.

The youth organization encouraged leadership development and community involvement to empower young individuals and foster a sense of independence.

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