increase in a sentence

There is a sharp increase in the prices of fertilizers, pesticides and agricultural implements.

Global warming refers to the increase in the average temperature of the earth’s surface.

There is enormous increase in the prices of petroleum products, Cement, steel and coal.

The employees demanded an increase in their pay.

Worldly desires are like an itch which increase when we rub it.

If you want to increase your will power and become energetic, then meet those who have an abundance of it.

In obesity, there is an increase in the size and the number of fat cells throughout the body.

How do you increase your knowledge?

Road accidents are on the increase.

The small increase in the dearness allowance of the government employees is a mere eye wash.

I was determined to increase my salary.

They have decided to increase the school fees this year.

You are to devise a plan to increase the turn over.

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