increase in a sentence

There is a sharp increase in the prices of fertilizers, pesticides and agricultural implements.

Global warming refers to the increase in the average temperature of the earth’s surface.

There is enormous increase in the prices of petroleum products, Cement, steel and coal.

The employees demanded an increase in their pay.

Worldly desires are like an itch which increase when we rub it.

If you want to increase your will power and become energetic, then meet those who have an abundance of it.

In obesity, there is an increase in the size and the number of fat cells throughout the body.

How do you increase your knowledge?

Road accidents are on the increase.

The small increase in the dearness allowance of the government employees is a mere eye wash.

I was determined to increase my salary.

They have decided to increase the school fees this year.

You are to devise a plan to increase the turn over.

Books give joy and increase my knowledge.

We are going to increase overtime rates.

This is a great opportunity to increase our market share.

This increase in unemployment is a consequence of the recession.

He says if I don’t increase his pay he will quit.

Games increase the circulation of blood.

There has been a sharp increase in the prices of essential commodities in the past few years.

In order to increase the functionality of your thyroid gland, you need to take a look at your diet.

The increase of the population is a serious problem.

We will increase the rent next month.

The workers asked for an increase in pay.

They will increase their knowledge.

Effective steps should be taken to increase production in all sectors.

A sharp increase in food prices has been a cause of concern.

How do people increase their strength by exerting it?

In order to increase our vocabulary we should read widely and carefully.

How can television increase our knowledge of the outside world?

Are you on the lookout for ways to increase height?

There are various ways to increase your height.

Your mood will change for the better and your confidence will increase by leaps and bounds.

Studying for too long can increase the stress.

I want to increase my vocabulary.

Please increase my monthly allowance to Rs/-.

High cholesterol foods increase risk factor for heart disease.

Your responsibilities are about to increase by leaps and bounds.

Your tendency to spend extravagantly shall increase by leaps and bounds.

In order to increase the functionality of your thyroid gland, you need to take a look at your diet.

It will increase the power tariff.

Which exercise is best to increase height?

We asked for an increase of salary.

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