income in a sentence

He spends a major part of his income for his medical care.

With the limited disposable income and rising prices, the poor society is unable to fulfill the basic needs and going below the poverty line.

Corruption reduces the Government’s income and creates inequalities.

Increase your income by part-time work or with a profitable hobby.

My monthly income is rupees twenty thousand.

He has no source of income.

The loans ate up a lion’s portions of my income every month.

He lives within his income.

This will generate some income.

He lived up to his income.

His income is not adequate to support his family.

He has a limit source of income.

I have got the demand notice from the Income Tax department.

Some people live on the income of others.

My income from all sources comes to ten thousand rupees.

My brother lives on a small income.

His income is miserable small.

Seeing the income tax officer at his shop he was at his wit’s end.

With the small income, I find it rather difficult to keep my head above water.

He started supplementing his income by working overtime.

His average income is no more than ten thousand rupees a month.

He has a reasonably good income.

He has no extra source of income.

His income is enough large for his family.

There is no other source of income except my father’s salary.

His bad habits are a drag on his income.

The national income has failed to keep pace with the growing population.

He has been deprived of all sources of income.

His income from all sources comes to seven thousand rupees.

He lives within his income.

His income is very small.

He has no income other than what he earns by his pen.

Our expenditures must not exceed to our income.

He is regular in the payment of income-tax and other taxes.