in general in a sentence

It is chiefly used in general statements.

Back pain in general and lower back pain in particular is a common healthcare problem.

Biotic food in general improves the condition of your large intestines.

Stay away from loud noises and music in general.

Stress and depression can also affect your overall health in general which is bad for fertility.

Women in general love kids and taking care of them can be really entertaining.

Women in general must have folate rich food and especially during pregnancy.

Women love to talk in general while men usually like to keep their talk short and to the point.

Exercise improves the blood circulation in general.

Meat in general is a good source of protein, with a full mixture of all the essential amino acids.

The British people in general are extremely fond of their pets.

People in general have faith in everything newspapers say.

Overeating is not good in general.

There are essential elements of sports and their value for life in general is undoubted.

Telephones are in general use today.

Hepatitis in general is the inflammation of liver.

Hydration in general is one of the best keys for a mood boost.

Insomnia in general terms is lack of sleeplessness.

It is an universally accepted fact that in general women live longer than men.

Joint pain and body ache in general is a sign of thyroid malfunction.

Leafy vegetables in general are known to have cold curing powers.

They in general have cried at the loss of a loved one .

Gujiya is a traditional North Indian sweet recipe that is prepared for many festivals or in general for all functions.

Women in general are slight deficient in iron.

There are no proper answers for it because relationships in general are very complex in nature.

This does not have any belief related to it.

This in turn gives you a wider outlook of life in general and makes you a much better person than what you were.

This is the reason why most females in general do not bald.

To have a flat tummy and remain fit in general you need to incorporate certain foods into your daily diet.

Vinegar is commonly used by women for cleaning purpose in general household and kitchen.

Women in general have a tendency to have low hemoglobin count.

Japanese people in general are polite.

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