impressive in a sentence


He has impressive looks.

He makes an impressive speech before a large audience.

She is rich in ideas, simple in living, but very impressive in style.

It is necessary to have an impressive personality.

He made a very impressive speech.

He has a pleasing and impressive personality.

The introduction to this article is very impressive.

He made an impressive speech in the rally.

I addressed an impressive rally which was attended by thousands of people.

It looks hugely impressive.

He was an impressive orator and a brave freedom fighter.

His style of working is really impressive.

His style of working is really impressive.

She had an impressive screen presence, spontaneity and irrepressible curiosity.

His speech was very impressive.

The finale of the concert was impressive.

He made an impressive speech in the house.

The speech he delivered at the function was impressive.

He delivered a most impressive speech.

He delivered impressive lectures on the subject.

I have an impressive personality.

His method of teaching is very impressive.

He had an attractive and impressive style.

He has an impressive personality and good habits.

She has a sweet, fresh and impressive voice.

The costumes of the actors in this serial were very impressive.

His manner of speaking was impressive.

He made a short but impressive speech.

He was a tall man with an impressive personality.

They played a very patient and impressive game.

He made an impressive speech.

Her singing was very impressive as usual.

What an impressive person he is!

He made a short and impressive speech.

She has a sweet, fresh and impressive voice.

I have an impressive personality.

It was followed by an impressive march past by the athletes.

He made an impressive appearance.

An impressive function is organised.

I have an impressive personality.

Which piece of writing can be impressive ?

Then he made an impressive speech in which he told us the importance of this day.

He delivered a most impressive speech.

He was a tall man with an impressive personality.

He unfurled the National Flag and took the salute from an impressive march .

There is generally a trend to talk big and make impressive castles in the air.

The nutritional value of protein in this food is very impressive.

The same process is to be repeated in every two hours for impressive results!

We apply makeup because this is one among the easy tricks that can improve our appearance and make us look beautiful and impressive.

In Hockey India has an impressive record with many Olympic gold medals.

I don’t know but it sounds impressive.

That sounds really impressive!

That’s impressive.

That’s pretty impressive.

That is an impressive-looking box.

Wow that’s impressive.

Her resume was very impressive.

His film career is impressive.

His military record is impressive as he fought successfully in some of the most dangerous and historic battles during the great war.

They developed an impressive armory of weapons.

There are so many to pick from and they all look impressive.

His manners were very impressive that his hearers were conscious that their light laughter had jarred somewhat.

Tea Cinnamon has impressive health benefits.

He had impressive features.

How to create an impressive personal brand?

It can make a person look impressive.

Wait for an impressive turn in your career.

Shredded coconut lends an impressively unique flavour to the soup.

This one will surely make you look impressive.

The nutritional value of these nuts is impressive.

The nutritional value of protein in this food is very impressive.

The same process is to be repeated in every two hours for impressive results!

The young artist’s talent was truly impressive; her paintings showed remarkable skill and creativity.

The company’s latest technological advancements were highly impressive and garnered attention from industry experts.

The architecture of the ancient temple was awe-inspiring and left visitors with an impressive sense of history.

Her ability to speak multiple languages fluently was truly impressive and facilitated her travels around the world.

The acrobat’s daring performance on the tightrope was both nerve-wracking and impressive to watch.

The young entrepreneur’s innovative product design received an impressive amount of positive feedback from consumers.

The research findings presented by the scientist were groundbreaking and had an impressive impact on the scientific community.

The actor’s portrayal of the complex character was impressive, earning him critical acclaim and awards.

The newly opened art exhibition showcased an impressive collection of contemporary artwork from around the world.

The speaker delivered an impressive presentation, captivating the audience with her compelling storytelling.

The precision and accuracy of the surgeon during the intricate procedure were truly impressive.

The students’ creativity in designing the school’s science fair projects was impressive and received recognition.

The engineering team’s ability to solve complex technical challenges was truly impressive.

The singer’s powerful and emotive voice left an impressive impact on the concert-goers.

The dedication and teamwork displayed by the rescue crew during the emergency response were truly impressive.

The mountain climbers’ determination to reach the summit was impressive, overcoming harsh weather conditions.

The book’s author managed to weave an impressive narrative that kept readers hooked until the very last page.

The ballet performance was visually stunning, with the dancers’ graceful movements leaving an impressive impression on the audience.

The company’s commitment to sustainable practices and reducing its carbon footprint was highly impressive.

The magician’s tricks were so well-executed that they left the audience in disbelief and impressed by his skills.

The team’s innovative approach to problem-solving was impressive, resulting in groundbreaking solutions.

The talented young pianist’s concert left an impressive mark on the music enthusiasts who attended the event.

The museum’s collection of ancient artifacts was vast and impressive, showcasing rich cultural heritage.

The garden’s lush and well-maintained landscape made an impressive backdrop for the outdoor wedding.

The artist’s sculpting skills were highly impressive, as the lifelike statues seemed to come to life.

The team’s collaborative effort resulted in an impressive product launch that exceeded all sales expectations.

The skyscraper’s architecture was awe-inspiring, dominating the city skyline with its impressive height.

The documentary presented an impressive array of evidence, shedding new light on a historical event.

The historical reenactment was meticulously detailed and gave an impressive glimpse into the past.

The startup company’s rapid growth and expansion were nothing short of impressive in the competitive market.

The concert’s light show synchronized with the music was an impressive spectacle that captivated the audience.

The fashion designer’s runway collection received rave reviews for its innovative and impressive designs.

The newly opened museum exhibited an impressive collection of rare artifacts from ancient civilizations.

The wildlife safari provided an impressive opportunity to observe majestic animals in their natural habitat.

The gourmet restaurant received impressive reviews from food critics, praising the chef’s culinary expertise.

The art exhibition featured an impressive array of paintings, showcasing various styles and themes.

The scientific research conducted by the team resulted in impressive advancements in medical technology.

The building’s interior design was equally impressive, featuring elegant decor and spacious layouts.

The ballet dancer’s graceful movements were mesmerizing and left an impressive impact on the audience.

The chef’s elaborate plating and attention to detail made each dish an impressive work of art.

The conservation efforts of the wildlife sanctuary have led to an impressive increase in endangered species’ populations.

The academic research paper received an impressive number of citations from other scholars in the field.

The art gallery’s exhibition showcased the impressive diversity of artistic expression from various cultures.

The rock band’s energetic performance had an impressive turnout of enthusiastic fans at the concert.

The startup’s app received impressive user reviews, with users praising its user-friendly interface and functionality.

The athlete’s discipline and training regimen were impressive, contributing to his success in the sports competition.

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