Impress in a sentence

He did it just to impress her.

How does America impress you?

Your efforts to impress will not be in vain.

The impress of India is visibly marked on his personality.

He wants to impress upon his students through his talk in the classroom ?

There is an impress of his uncle on him.

The impress of India is marked on him.

I do not want to impress you with my views.

He could not impress me with his cock and bull story.

Honest persons impress me.

I have some advice to give you and impress strongly upon you.

I must impress this upon you.

I must impress it strongly upon you.

This is the point I want to impress upon you

The impress of his father is visible in his personality.

I continued to linger about her and to impress her in all the ways I could with my worthiness.

I’ve been trying to impress my boss.

I’ve been trying to impress my boss.

She never fails to impress us with her fashion choices for every type of event.

Here are the ways to impress girls with romantic gestures.

Students do their best to impress their teachers.

We have some points listed here that can serve as tips to impress partner and family.

You not only need to impress but be comfortable in your own skin too.

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