important in a sentence

It is very important for students to have an all round development of their personality.

We are Indians and our National Flag is very important for us.

Radio is an important means of audio-communication.

Money is an important part of life in our society today.

To a doctor, his patients are very important and treating and curing them is always his priority.

It is important to have an ambition in life.

Domestic tourism plays an important role in the overall development of tourism in the country.

Newspaper plays an important role in democracy.

Knowing others is as important as knowing yourself.

It is very important to follow discipline in life.

Forests are very important for human beings.

kindergarten is the important phase in a child’s life.

My self-esteem is very important to me.

Food and water are very important for all living-beings.

For the Hindus, Haridwar is a very important place.

I have some important work to do, so I cannot come.

I want to discuss with you something that is very important to me.

Ginger is a good source of zinc which is important in the healing of wound, inflammation control and tissue regeneration.

Library is one of the most important parts of a school.

Learning to relax is important to combat worry.

Gold is a very important metal.

He was given an important task.

The important documents should be kept under lock and key.

Why learning English is so important nowadays?

It is important never to overdo new exercises.

He was occupied with important matters.

It’s really important to come to work on time.

Books are too important to be ignored.

He’s an important person.

He was so intelligent that he could not miss such an important step.

His persistence in that was important.

Good health is more important than riches.

Good friends are very important in life.

The third battle of Panipat was an important event in the history of India.

I had some important work with him.

Sports are important as studies.

It is something important.

English is an important international language.

The beginning is the most important part of any work.

I need your advice on something very important.

He has run off with all the important documents.

Fertilizers have become an important feature of agricultural productivity.

He took my advice on all important issues.

Scientists have made important new discoveries.

I am in an important meeting.