illness in a sentence

He is still run down after his illness and unfit for work.

He was absent on account of illness.

I’m sorry I could not attend your marriage due to my father’s illness.

He gave up all hope of recovering from his illness.

He has not yet recovered from his illness.

I regret my absence on this happy day owing to my illness.

Frequent illnesses kept him back.

During her illness her weight went down from 50 kilos to 40.

I wished to find out the nature of his illness.

You have had a very tedious illness.

I am glad that you have recovered from your illness.

I am glad that he has recovered from his illness.

He has just recovered from illness.

In consequence of his illness he could not attend the meeting.

After his recovery from illness, the doctor advised him to eat food full of nourishment.

Long illness has made him weak.

She was cured of her illness.

I was extremely worried to know about your illness.

I regret my absence on this happy day owing to my illness.

After a brief illness, my friend’s father breathed his last yesterday.

The stillness of the place was frightening.

She has consulted many specialists about her illness.

His illness is a mere pretence.

The news of my brother’s illness had made me a little sad.

None of my friends helped me during my illness.

It was on account of illness that I remained absent from the college.

He has recovered from illness.

A morning walk is a panacea for all illness.

Only a psychiatrist can treat mental illness.

He is suffering from illness.

I’m sure she’ll get over her illness soon.

I think your failure is mainly due to your illness near the examination.

He has not recovered from his illness yet.

Your long and serious illness is responsible for this misfortune.

His illness is due to over-work.

This illness has pulled him down considerably.

He was weakened by illness and needed a rest.

Your long illness was a mental torture for me.

After his illness he was very skinny.

She didn’t take her illness seriously, did she ?

Her illness was very serious.

He is recovering from his illness by and by.

Immense amount of fatigue can lead to illness depression and heart diseases.

It is a common viral illness found usually in younger children of less than 5 years of age.

This deadly illness spreads through mosquito bites.

A sudden illness prevented me from going to the station to meet him.

He had a serious illness.

Perhaps the illness is cured through medical treatment.

What illness do I have?

Her illness prevented her from attending the party.

You should take her illness into consideration.

A sudden illness forced her to cancel her appointment.

We must take his illness into consideration before marking his exam.

My mother’s illness prevented me from attending the meeting.

It’s not the sort of illness that puts your life at risk.

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