ignorance in a sentence

With the light of education, I shall try to remove the darkness of ignorance.

Superstitions are based on fear of ignorance.

Ignorance is the mother of evil and all miseries we see.

Our ignorance about the future is also responsible for the growth of superstitions.

To be conscious of your ignorance is the first step towards knowledge.

Wisdom is nothing more than dispelling ignorance.

He is so superstitious that he does many bad things out of ignorance.

I burst into laughter at his ignorance.

Superstition is a sign of ignorance and backwardness.

Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to bringing up children.

He has answered some of our questions and expressed ignorance about others.

I don’t like ignorance.

We are suffering because of the ignorance of others.

Education dispels ignorance.

We are not conscious of it because of ignorance.

I did it in ignorance.

Ignorance can be overcome by knowledge.

He was bullied for his ignorance.

They are probably doing it through ignorance or fear.

They have to pay the price of ignorance.

Do not let today’s ignorance become a threat in the future.

The direct remedy for ignorance is knowledge.

Do not harm others, even by our ignorance.

He proved his ignorance.

Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

In his ignorance, he committed a crime.

Driveaway ignorance and illiteracy.

Ignorance of the law is no excuse for committing a crime.

Ignorance lies at the root of misunderstanding.

In his ignorance, he fell into a bad company.

His ignorance surprises me.

I am surprised at his ignorance.

Sometimes one can blunder out of ignorance.

Superstition originates in ignorance.

You are excused on the score of ignorance.

Are we living in an age of ignorance

At what point is ignorance not bliss anymore?

Can knowledge and ignorance stay together?

Do people who live a life of ignorance have a happier life?

Do you blame people’s ignorance?

Does faith require ignorance

Does ignorance make some of us aggressive?

Does religion promote ignorance?

How can ignorance be a blessing

How can ignorance be a blessing?

How do I get rid of ignorance?

How do we rid the world of ignorance?

How do you hide your ignorance

How much ignorance can you resist?

I’ve witnessed several cases of ignorance.

If ignorance is bliss, then why do we seek knowledge?

Ignorance is a few things, maybe a bliss, but I feel you need to learn and grow.

Ignorance is sometimes willful, and sometimes not.

Ignorance is the absence of information.

Ignorance is a lack of knowledge.

Is arrogance born out of ignorance

Is ignorance a blessing or a curse?

Is ignorance a necessary evil?

Is ignorance a point of view?

Is ignorance a sin?

Is ignorance key to happiness?

Is ignorance the root of all social problems?

Is living in ignorance really bliss?

Is the absence of knowledge considered ignorance

Is there virtue in ignorance?

May this Diwali dispels all your ignorance and fill your life with enlightenment.

This is ignorance.

What are the best ways to conquer ignorance?

What are the ways to root out ignorance in society?

What brings chaos, ignorance, or knowledge?

What is ignorance?

What is the best cure for ignorance?

What is the difference between ignorance and illusion?

What is the opposite word of ignorance?

What should I do to prevent ignorance?

What’s the best way for a society to fight ignorance?

Where did the saying ‘ignorance is bliss’ come from?

Why does ignorance exist

Why is ignorance bliss?

Why is poverty related to ignorance?

In his ignorance, he committed a crime.

We must fight to end poverty, ignorance, and disease.

He dispels the darkness of ignorance with the light of knowledge.

He pleaded ignorance of the law.

It dispels the darkness of ignorance and spreads the light of knowledge.

In his ignorance, he followed the wrong course.

His ignorance hindered us in our progress.

He professes ignorance of the fact.

They got into the grip of ignorance and poverty.

He took advantage of my ignorance and deceived me.

I was in entire ignorance of what had happened.

The problem has arisen from your ignorance of the matter.

His ignorance of basic mathematics made it challenging for him to solve simple equations.

The politician’s statements were riddled with ignorance about the country’s history and culture.

She displayed ignorance about the topic, speaking confidently but with little factual knowledge.

It’s essential to educate ourselves to eliminate ignorance and promote understanding among diverse communities.

Her ignorance about the latest technological advancements became evident during the team meeting.

The lack of access to education perpetuates ignorance in underprivileged communities.

The shop owner took advantage of the customer’s ignorance and sold them an overpriced item.

His refusal to learn and his arrogance perpetuated his ignorance on various subjects.

The book aimed to dispel ignorance and misinformation about climate change.

The documentary shed light on the widespread ignorance about mental health issues.

Ignorance of proper safety procedures resulted in accidents in the workplace.

It is crucial to address ignorance and stereotypes to build a more inclusive society.

The child’s innocence often masks their ignorance of the complexities of the adult world.

The doctor emphasized the importance of regular check-ups to combat ignorance about preventive healthcare.

The prevalence of fake news highlights the danger of widespread ignorance in society.

Addressing the issue of ignorance requires promoting critical thinking and fact-checking skills.

The comedian’s jokes were based on stereotypes and ignorance, perpetuating harmful beliefs.

Ignorance about the consequences of littering leads to environmental degradation in many areas.

The teacher encouraged students to ask questions and seek knowledge to overcome their ignorance on certain topics.

The documentary filmmaker aimed to raise awareness and dispel ignorance about endangered species.

Ignorance of cultural customs can lead to misunderstandings and unintended offense while traveling abroad.

The journalist’s investigative reporting exposed corruption and shed light on the public’s ignorance about the issue.

Ignorance about mental health can contribute to the stigma surrounding mental illnesses.

Promoting education and access to information is essential in combating ignorance and promoting social progress.

Ignorance about cybersecurity practices can make individuals vulnerable to online scams and identity theft.

The portrayal of stereotypes in media perpetuates ignorance about various racial and ethnic groups.

Ignorance of proper financial management can lead to debt and financial difficulties.

The educational system plays a crucial role in reducing ignorance and fostering a knowledgeable society.

Ignorance about climate change can hinder efforts to address and mitigate its effects.

It is essential to confront ignorance and prejudice to promote inclusivity and diversity in society.

The organization’s mission is to eradicate ignorance about human rights violations and promote justice.

Addressing health disparities requires tackling ignorance about healthcare access in marginalized communities.

Misinformation and ignorance about vaccines can undermine public health efforts and increase disease risks.

The novelist’s work challenged societal ignorance and highlighted the struggles faced by marginalized individuals.

The documentary aimed to shed light on political ignorance and encourage citizens to be informed voters.

Ignorance about the history of colonization can lead to a lack of understanding about its enduring impact.

The speaker delivered a powerful speech to inspire change and combat ignorance about social issues.

The study sought to understand the root causes of ignorance about climate change in different demographics.

The campaign focused on raising awareness and reducing ignorance about mental health in the workplace.

Ignorance about cybersecurity threats makes individuals and organizations more susceptible to cyberattacks.

The curriculum was designed to promote critical thinking and reduce ignorance about biased historical narratives.

Ignorance about reproductive health can lead to unintended pregnancies and limited access to family planning resources.

It is essential to engage in constructive dialogues to address ignorance and build understanding among diverse perspectives.


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