how to use if in a Sentence

He was out of spirits ; it seemed as if he had something on his mind.

We die if you poison us.

My father asked me if I was going to college daily.

I can go with you tomorrow if you want me to.

It will be cool enough to eat if we wait a few minutes.

I can look at it now if you can wait.

If you admit your mistake, I will forgive you.

If I go to Delhi, I would bring your book.

How can I take your photography if you do not hold still?

I’ll help you if you like.

Tell me if I overstep the line.

I was wondering if you could help me.

You will, of course, get good marks if you work hard.

Let me know if you need anything else.

What to do if I forgot my ATM pin.

He could do this if he tried.

He shall be rewarded if he remains patient.

You walk as if you are ill.

Read this novel if you like.

He walks as if he were lame.

Please help me if you are free.

He walks as if he were drunk.

You shall get a prize if you stand first.

You need not fear if you are just.

I shall go to see a film if you allow me.

He behaves with me as if he were my officer.

Work hard if you want to succeed.

The teacher asked me if I had solved the sum.

I want to confirm if he had a hand in it.

I cannot work if you make a noise.

What if they forget ?

I shall attend the meeting if I am invited.

I should be glad if you would come in the evening.

Do you mind if I turn the air conditioner off ?

I shall not go there even if it rains.

If she had asked me, I would have helped her.

What if you are more intelligent than I?

You will succeed, if you work hard.

I went to see if she had woke up yet.

You will be dismissed if you do not attend the office in time.

You will be robbed if you are not careful.

I will go if he comes.

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