Identify the determiner in the sentence quiz


Question 1: She bought some delicious apples from the market.

A) She
B) bought
C) some
D) apples

Option C

Question 2: All the students passed the exam with flying colors.

A) All
B) with
C) students
D) passed

Option A

Question 3: Each child received a gift on their birthday.

A) Each
B) child
C) received
D) their

Option A

Question 4: Many people attended the concert last night.

A) Many
B) people
C) attended
D) concert

Option A

Question 5: Both of my brothers are doctors.

A) Both
B) of
C) my
D) brothers

Option A

Question 6: Several students scored top marks in the math test.

A) Several
B) students
C) scored
D) top

Option A

Question 7: Neither option seems appealing to me.

A) Neither
B) option
C) seems
D) appealing

Option A

Question 8: This book is much better than the previous one.

A) than
B) book
C) is
D) much

Option D

Question 9: Each of the players received a medal.

A) Each
B) of
C) medal
D) players

Option A

Question 10: Few students participated in the debate competition.

A) Few
B) students
C) participated
D) in

Option A

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