ideal in a sentence

It is not a child’s play to be an ideal student.

She is an ideal housewife.

She is ideal in every respect.

My father is an ideal person of my life.

Morning walk is most ideal and highly recommended for middle-aged and old people.

This is an ideal site for building a house.

An ideal teacher can generate interest in studies among children and to make it a pleasurable experience.

London is my ideal city.

Temptation cannot shake me in my resolve to achieve my ideal.

This bag is ideal for carrying sports equipment.

This is the ideal job for me.

She is an ideal house wife.

An ideal citizen pays his taxes regularly.

An ideal teacher should have many qualities of head and heart.

An ideal student is very particular about his character and manners.

An Ideal husband is hard to find these days.

An ideal diet is important after a workout.

What exactly is the ideal number of hours a working woman needs to sleep?

Soup is an ideal winter drink.

Potted plants are ideal for your balcony garden.

An ideal nutrition intake is highly essential to keep one healthy.

I have my own ideal of patriotism.

We should have a higher ideal in life and work towards it.

The ideal time to eat soaked almonds is early in the morning before breakfast.

Vitamins are ideal requirements of your body.

You should be an ideal husband for your wife.

This is an ideal place for studying.

He is an ideal person.

He is an ideal teacher.

He is an ideal for me.

He earned the reputation of an ideal civil servant.

An ideal teacher is a nation builder.

He is looking for a wife but has not found his ideal.

Your approach to the problem seems ideal.

He sacrificed his life for this ideal.

But, I’m talking here about an ideal politician only.

She is an ideal housewife.

He is an ideal teacher.

He is an ideal son.

This is an ideal place for studying.

He is an ideal leader.

It is an ideal place for fun and joy.

An ideal citizen does not damage national property.

Is she not an ideal teacher ?

Don’t be so ridiculous!

I shall try to be an ideal teacher.

What are the qualities of an ideal citizen?

That should be your ideal time to sleep.

It’s ideal weather for a picnic.

What would be your ideal thing to do in the summer?

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