humane in a sentence

Our treatment must be humane to the poor.

Being together is humane.

They are very generous and humane individuals.

It is my nature to be kind, gentle and humane.

Your humane tendencies have always won you favourite friends.

Is humanity becoming more intellectual and less humane?

What is the meaning of humane?

I don’t see it as a humane act.

Be humane.

He deserves humane treatment from us.

He is exceedingly humane off the ground.

You should adopt a humane approach.

He became great because of his humane qualities.

He possessed all the humane qualities of his great father.

He had very humane face in dealing with situations.

He is humane and overtly affectionate.

It has something very humane at its core.

How can we achieve human comfort when its very foundation is not humane?

There is a need to adopt an effective and humane approach to control the dog population.

They can’t be compared with a benevolent and humane person like him.

That wasn’t really very humane, was it?

Be humane to the poor.

The doctors are generally humane.

He treated his servants in a humane manner.

A doctor should have humane feelings.

We must adopt a humane attitude towards animals.

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