horrible in a sentence

It was a horrible place to live in.

The soup tasted horrible.

Wasn’t that a horrible thing to say?

It is a very horrible sight.

A horrible sight met our gaze.

This was a very horrible act.

The destruction was horrible to see.

This is a horrible room.

The destruction was horrible to believe.

You are a horrible man.

She dream a horrible dream.

Everybody present shed tears at the horrible sight.

Last night I had a horrible dream.

Last week I saw a very horrible train accident.

Science has made wars more horrible today.

It was a very horrible dream.

It was indeed a horrible sight.

Oh, what a horrible sight it was !

What a horrible scene !

War is a horrible thing and it should be avoided at all costs.

It is a horrible sight.

You say the most demeaning, horrible things about us.

You are looking horrible.

My first day at college was horrible.

There was a wonderful (or : horrible sight.

What a horrible night it is !

The sailor had a horrible experience at the sea.

What a horrible thing for you to have had to deal with.

She had a horrible dream last night.

What a horrible night it is !

It was a horrible experience.

It was indeed a horrible sight.

She saw a horrible dream last might.

Science has made modern war much more destructive and horrible.

It is a horrible sight.

Do not worry about writing the truth in it, no matter how horrible it is.

They present a horrible sight.

She dream a horrible dream.

Here are some of the horrible things that can happen to your eye.

If you have ever experienced tooth pain you would know how horrible it can make a person feel right?

The accident scene was horrible, with debris scattered across the road and injured people crying for help.

The smell coming from the trash can was absolutely horrible, making everyone gag.

The students were nervous before the exam, fearing the possibility of a horrible failure.

The weather during the camping trip turned out to be horrible, with non-stop rain and strong winds.

The restaurant’s service was terrible, and the food was equally horrible, leaving the customers disappointed.

The terrible earthquake brought about a horrible scene of destruction and loss of lives.

The children were frightened by the horrible stories told around the campfire during the spooky night.

The horrible experience of getting lost in the dark forest haunted him for weeks.

The customer service at the company was rated as horrible, with long waiting times and unhelpful representatives.

The taste of the medicine was absolutely horrible, making it difficult to swallow.

The horrible news of the tragic accident spread quickly, leaving the community in shock and grief.

The horrible condition of the abandoned house gave it an eerie and unsettling atmosphere.

The horrible traffic jam lasted for hours, causing commuters to be stuck on the road.

The horrible smell emanating from the sewer made the neighborhood nearly uninhabitable.

The horrible bully at school made life miserable for the other students, instilling fear and anxiety in them.

The horrible noise coming from the construction site disrupted the peaceful neighborhood.

The horrible truth about the crime was revealed, leaving everyone appalled and heartbroken.

The horrible taste of the expired milk made her regret taking a sip.

The horrible accident left a lasting impact on the survivors, leading to anxiety and PTSD.

The horrible behavior of the unruly passengers caused a disturbance during the flight.

The horrible graffiti defaced the beautiful mural, leaving artists and residents outraged.

The horrible smell of burning rubber filled the air after the car crash.

The horrible conditions in the prison led to protests and demands for reform.

The horrible betrayal by a close friend left her feeling hurt and devastated.

The horrible taste of the expired canned food made her feel nauseous.

The horrible noise of the jackhammer made it challenging to concentrate on work.

The horrible weather during their vacation led to canceled plans and indoor activities.

The horrible condition of the public restroom left visitors disgusted and in need of a cleaner alternative.

The horrible grammar and spelling errors in the document reflected poorly on the author’s professionalism.

The horrible smell coming from the sewer made the street unbearable to walk through.

The horrible traffic accident caused a major road closure and long delays for commuters.

The horrible sound of sirens echoed through the city after the emergency was declared.

The horrible taste of the experimental dish at the restaurant made it an instant regret for ordering.

The horrible state of the old amusement park was a stark contrast to its former glory days.

The horrible treatment of animals at the factory farm led to widespread public outrage and protests.

The horrible sight of the abandoned and dilapidated house sent chills down their spines.

The horrible pollution in the city was a concerning environmental issue that needed urgent attention.

The horrible attitude of the rude cashier left customers feeling unwelcome and frustrated.

The horrible condition of the public park was an eyesore for the neighborhood residents.

The horrible result of the test showed a significant decline in academic performance.

The horrible gossip spread like wildfire, causing unnecessary drama and misunderstandings.

The horrible screeching sound of the brakes signaled an impending car accident.

The horrible realization that they were lost in the unfamiliar forest set in as darkness fell.

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