hopes in a sentence

He hopes that he will win the first prize.

She still hopes to succeed.

The hopes of victory of our opponents were dashed to the ground.

All her hopes were dashed to the ground.

I have many hopes on you.

He hopes to get good marks.

He has lost all hopes.

She hopes to solve the problem.

For want of money, all his hopes fell to the ground.

She hopes to stand first in the University.

He is justified in having high hopes.

They were inspired with hopes of victory.

She hopes to stand first.

He hopes to stand first in the college.

All his hopes were shattered.

My hopes changed into despair.

He hopes to win a scholarship.

He hopes to pass.

We were full of high hopes.

His hopes are high.

In spite of many failures he hopes to succeed.

Bad weather dashed the hopes of many of having bumper crop last year.

He hopes to get first division.

You dashed all my hopes to the ground.

I do not want to give you any false hopes.

The doctor hopes that he will recover.

We had pinned great hopes on you.

He hopes to get first division.

Now all my hopes are shattered.

I don’t want to hold out false hopes to you.

All his hopes were nipped in the bud.

She hopes of passing with distinction.

He hopes to pass this year.

She hopes that she will pass this year.

Your hopes are sky high but can they be met easily?

I have hopes of doing well in that business.

All her hopes have vanished.

He hopes to go abroad.

He hopes that it’ll be fine tomorrow.

He hopes he will get well soon.

His hopes were shattered.

He hopes to run a company in the future.

He needs to study more if he hopes to pass this class.

He hopes to get the job day by.

Don’t raise my hopes like that.