Honour-word meaning in hindi

Noun : ख्याति, मान सम्मान, माहात्म्य, उपलक्ष्य, हुजूर, सम्मान, सत्कार, सतीत्व, संमान, श्रीमान, शान, मान, बढ़ायी, बढ़ाई, प्रसिद्धि, प्रतिष्ठा, पूजा, शर्म, गौरव, आदर

Verb : निबाहना, संमानित करना, भुगतान करना, सम्मानित करना, प्रतिष्ठा करना, सम्मान करना, मानना

Example Sentences :

Do you honour this credit card?

It’s a great honour to be able to meet you.

May I have the honour of asking you?

This is such an honour which I never expected.

They win glory and honour by killing thousands of men.

It was an honour to have received your courteous invitation letter.

He has brought much glory and honour to India in the field of chess.

Shall we honour him on the Teacher’s Day.

I have the honour to acknowledge the receipt

They gave a party in honour of the guest.

Flags will be flown in honour of the visiting Prime Minister.

You have brought honour not only to your college and family, also to friends like me.

The school was closed in honour of the Inspector’s visit.

You must choose between honour and death.

I felt that my honour was at stake.

It is a great honour to be invited.

She is an honour to our college.

I esteem it an honour to address this audience.

A prize was given in honour of the great scientist.

It’s a great honour to have had the King visit our city.

A farewell party was held in honour of Mr Balram yesterday.

We obey our parents because we honour them and we love them.

I would choose honour before money.

A farewell party was held in honour of the retiring executive.

His honour was corroded by greed.

He had the honour of being presented to a great writer.

He values honour above anything else.

He believes it to be an honour to follow in his predecessor’s footsteps.

We celebrate Mother’s Day in honour of our mothers.

Pay honour to the brave.

A party was held in honour of the visiting writer.

There is honour even among thieves.

He did me the honour of saying that I was right.

I was awarded an honour prize.

It’s a point of honour with me to tell the truth.

He is an honour to our country.

She is an honour to our school.

They will bring honour and respect for us.

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