Honesty-word meaning in hindi

Noun : ईमानदारी खरापन, नेकनीयती, न्यायिकता, प्रामाणिकता, शुचिता, सच्चाई, सच्चापन, सत्यता, सत्यनिष्ठा, ईमान, सच्चरित्रता, सत्यवादिता, शुद्ध भाव

Example Sentences :

He will never leave the path of honesty even under dire circumstances.

It goes without saying that honesty is the best policy in many ways.

Trust in God, do your duty honesty and make your life noble.

A sportsman loves honesty and justice.

I think that honesty is the best policy.

He is not only known for his honesty but also for his wisdom.

He shows honesty in his dealings.

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