home in a sentence

Trees are home to numerous birds, insects and animals.

Our country is home to 100 million elderly people today.

A hospital is the home for the sick and the suffering.

Many of the routine activities today at home and in business are done by computers.

Home is the best place for a child to learn initially before he comes to school.

Altogether, at home and in the bank, I have five thousand rupees.

When we feel good within, our performance goes up and our relationship improves both at home and at work.

Every day I had to walk back home through a dense forest and across a lonely ravine.

Earlier, the custom of dowry was a way to support the girl in setting up a new home and new life.

He is at home in mathematics.

Come home immediately.

She felt very bored sitting at home.

He used to come to his village home during the holidays.

My father is at home at this time.

They should have arrived home by now.

He returned home safely

They haven’t come back home yet.

She is at home in the subject.

She left home bag and baggage.

My mother does her usual shopping on her way home from work.

He usually comes home at eight.

I’ll stay home if it rains tomorrow.

I left home early so as to get a good seat.

The distance from my home to yours is two kilometers.

He came home safe.

He came home late in the evening.

He was robbed when coming home late at night.

My father may be at home now.

He must be at home as the light in on.

I will be at home tomorrow.

I brought the point home to the student.

He’s at home right now.

I’ll be at home the next time she comes.

She came home very late.

What time will you go home today?

The home team always have an advantage over their opponents.

My father always comes home late.

Let him stay home if he wants!

I would rather stay at home than go out for a walk.

I must return home within a week.

I left home without having breakfast yesterday.

I am never at home on Sundays.

I leave home before eight o’clock every morning.

He seems to be at home in Greek literature.

He has come home just now.

He is at home on batting.

He came home earlier than I expected.

He is a lion at home and a mouse outside.

He is completely at home in physics.

They went home after they had finished the task.

Her home is in the suburbs.

I feel at home in this room.

He will come home in a few days.

He came home just now.

He is at home in French.

He is expected to come home soon.

He returned home without telling us.

He managed to get home before dark.

He returned home after a long absence.

He is leaving home now.

He came home in despair.

She may not be at home now.

She’s not at home now.

She left home just now.

She is coming home at the end of this month.

She should have arrived home by now.

How high should a home fence be?

He is a fan of simple home design.

I will stay home today.

Yesterday I was caught in a shower on my way home from school.

I’m going to stay at home tonight.

He was able to get home before dark.

Everybody feels at home with him.

I’ll stay home today.

He returned home three hours later.

We arrived home late.

I have no home to live in.

I got home at seven.

I’ll come home by six o’clock.

I usually go home at five.

I never feel at home in his company.

I stayed at home because I was sick.

Come home early.

Remind him to come home early.

Come home early.

We are at home today.

We are usually at home in the evening.

I went home to change my clothes.

He came home three hours later.

He went home with a heavy heart.

He sometimes comes home late.

They came home from school just now.

She apologized to his father for coming home late.

She’s at home taking care of the kids.

My father will come home at the end of this week.

My mother left home ten minutes ago.

My doctor told me to stay at home for a week.

We are not always at home on Sundays.

They weren’t at home yesterday.

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