higher in a sentence

He went to England for higher education.

Desires, dreams and wishes inspire us to climb higher and achieve great things in life.

People who have chronic gum disease are at higher risk of a heart attack.

Many workers are on strike for higher pay.

Prices are soaring to higher and higher levels.

He is desirous of going to Germany for higher studies.

The higher you go, the cooler it is.

Mount Everest is higher than any other peak in the world.

He has gone to USA for higher studies.

He is desirous of going to the United States for higher studies in computer programming.

I have decided to rejoin the college for higher studies.

The workers of the factory propose to launch an agitation for higher wages.

The higher you go the cooler it is.

The waves of the sea rose higher and higher.

Inflation is going higher and higher.

Soon the plane took off and rose in the air higher and higher.

My cousin has gone to the USA for higher studies.

Soon the plane was going higher and higher.

The labourers have launched a stir for higher wages.

He wanted to go to England for higher studies.

English is a must for higher education and foreign jobs.

Your admission to the higher class is conditional on your passing the exam.

He had fallen from a higher station.

The ruling of a higher court overrides that of a lower one in the same case.

He referred the matter to the higher authorities.

Residents have blocked roads to attract the attention of higher authorities, but to no avail.

Ordinary men think more of their daily bread and butter than of higher things.

She wishes to get higher education in order to earn her living.

We must be ready to stake our life for the sake of achieving higher goals in life.

The higher we go, the cooler it becomes.

He has been promoted to a higher post.

He is desirous of going to Germany for higher studies.

It helps in higher production of red blood cells in the body.

This one is of much higher quality than that one.

The price of books is getting higher these days.

We climbed higher so that we might get a better view.

The defendant will appeal to a higher court.

The prices are going up higher and higher.

He moved to a company that offered him a higher salary.

He appealed to a higher court against the decision.

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