higher in a sentence


He went to England for higher education.

Desires, dreams and wishes inspire us to climb higher and achieve great things in life.

People who have chronic gum disease are at higher risk of a heart attack.

Many workers are on strike for higher pay.

Prices are soaring to higher and higher levels.

He is desirous of going to Germany for higher studies.

The higher you go, the cooler it is.

Mount Everest is higher than any other peak in the world.

He has gone to USA for higher studies.

He is desirous of going to the United States for higher studies in computer programming.

I have decided to rejoin the college for higher studies.

The workers of the factory propose to launch an agitation for higher wages.

The higher you go the cooler it is.

The waves of the sea rose higher and higher.

Inflation is going higher and higher.

Soon the plane took off and rose in the air higher and higher.

My cousin has gone to the USA for higher studies.

Soon the plane was going higher and higher.

The labourers have launched a stir for higher wages.

He wanted to go to England for higher studies.

English is a must for higher education and foreign jobs.

Your admission to the higher class is conditional on your passing the exam.

He had fallen from a higher station.

The ruling of a higher court overrides that of a lower one in the same case.

He referred the matter to the higher authorities.

Residents have blocked roads to attract the attention of higher authorities, but to no avail.

Ordinary men think more of their daily bread and butter than of higher things.

She wishes to get higher education in order to earn her living.

We must be ready to stake our life for the sake of achieving higher goals in life.

The higher we go, the cooler it becomes.

He has been promoted to a higher post.

He is desirous of going to Germany for higher studies.

It helps in higher production of red blood cells in the body.

This one is of much higher quality than that one.

The price of books is getting higher these days.

We climbed higher so that we might get a better view.

The defendant will appeal to a higher court.

The prices are going up higher and higher.

He moved to a company that offered him a higher salary.

He appealed to a higher court against the decision.

The ambitious student worked diligently to achieve higher grades, striving for academic excellence.

The mountaineers pushed themselves to climb to a higher altitude, reaching the summit with sheer determination.

The company’s innovative approach to marketing resulted in higher sales and increased market share.

The CEO set higher performance targets for the team, encouraging them to aim for greater success.

The advanced technology allowed the scientists to conduct experiments at a higher precision and accuracy.

The real estate market in the city experienced higher demand, leading to a surge in property prices.

The ambitious entrepreneur sought investment to expand their business to higher markets.

The organization’s efforts to promote education resulted in higher literacy rates in the region.

The athletes trained rigorously to achieve higher fitness levels and set new personal records.

The stock market showed higher volatility as investors reacted to global economic uncertainties.

The company implemented cost-cutting measures to achieve higher profitability in a competitive market.

The scientific breakthrough had the potential to lead to higher efficiency in renewable energy production.

The economic policies aimed to achieve higher GDP growth and reduce unemployment rates.

The government introduced incentives to encourage businesses to invest in research and development for higher innovation.

The educational institution emphasized the importance of continuous learning and lifelong pursuit of higher knowledge.

The talented artist’s latest masterpiece fetched a much higher price at the auction than anticipated.

The astronaut experienced weightlessness in the higher atmosphere during their space mission.

The climber faced challenges as they ascended to higher elevations, requiring greater endurance and skill.

The investment portfolio was diversified to include higher-risk assets, aiming for potentially higher returns.

The company’s commitment to quality led to higher customer satisfaction and increased loyalty.

The city’s development plan focused on building higher infrastructure to accommodate its growing population.

The technology upgrade resulted in higher processing speeds and improved system performance.

The sports team’s dedication to rigorous training paid off with higher levels of fitness and improved performance.

The innovative medical treatment showed promising results in providing higher success rates for patients.

The research paper explored cutting-edge theories, paving the way for higher understanding in the scientific community.

The charity’s fundraising efforts achieved higher donations this year, allowing them to support more beneficiaries.

The new marketing campaign aimed to reach a higher number of potential customers through various channels.

The artist’s creativity and skill led to higher recognition in the art world, with exhibitions in prestigious galleries.

The company’s commitment to sustainable practices earned them higher eco-certifications and a positive reputation.

The team’s collaborative efforts resulted in higher productivity and efficient project completion.

The chef’s culinary expertise led to the creation of higher-rated dishes and accolades from food critics.

The community’s engagement in environmental initiatives led to higher awareness and conservation efforts.

The innovative start-up attracted higher investments from venture capitalists due to its disruptive business model.

The economic reforms were implemented to achieve higher levels of industrial growth and competitiveness.

The philanthropist’s generous donation significantly contributed to the higher funding of medical research.

The novel’s thought-provoking themes garnered higher praise from literary critics and readers alike.

The exploration team embarked on a daring expedition to reach higher altitudes and uncover hidden archaeological treasures.

The motivational speaker inspired the audience to set higher goals and push beyond their comfort zones to achieve greatness.

The premium version of the software offered higher functionality and additional features to cater to advanced users.

The professional athlete’s dedication to training led to higher performance levels and record-breaking achievements.

The sustainable farming practices resulted in higher crop yields and reduced environmental impact.

The renowned scientist’s groundbreaking research opened up new possibilities for higher advancements in technology.

The futuristic skyscrapers stood tall, symbolizing the city’s aspiration for higher architectural achievements.

The educational institution established partnerships with international universities to offer higher study opportunities to students.

The fashion designer’s couture collection received higher acclaim and attention from the global fashion industry.

The humanitarian organization expanded its outreach efforts to provide higher aid to communities affected by natural disasters.

The concert ticket sales exceeded expectations, indicating higher demand for the artist’s music.

The advanced training program prepared employees for higher positions within the company.

The philanthropic foundation invested in projects that aimed to create higher social impact and positive change.

The advanced medical equipment allowed for higher precision in surgical procedures, leading to better patient outcomes.

The business entrepreneur’s innovative approach resulted in higher market share and industry disruption.

The non-profit organization’s campaign for higher environmental awareness gained significant support from the public.

The research team’s breakthrough discovery earned them higher recognition in the scientific community.

The technology start-up received higher funding from angel investors to scale up its operations.

The online platform’s user-friendly interface attracted higher website traffic and user engagement.

The conservation efforts led to the preservation of higher biodiversity in the protected nature reserve.

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