high in a sentence

He is a simple man with high ideas.

People who are not supported by high ideals can achieve momentarily success, but cannot sustain their success for a very long time.

I have a high opinion about myself.

The high water content in cucumbers gets your urinary system moving.

She bought a plot at a high price.

He believes in simple living and high thinking.

Always buy goods of high quality.

Ashoka was a man of high learning.

His self-confidence rosed him to a high position.

Our products are sold at a high price.

He is a jurist of high repute.

Peacock cannot fly high because of its heavy tail.

Many members rebelled against the High Command.

I think my pulse beat has gone up and I have high blood pressure.

Camels have long, curved necks and a high hump.

People with high triglycerides often have high cholesterol levels.

Green and yellow peppers are high in vitamin C and bioflavonoids.

He is a man of high social standing.

I have high blood pressure.

The dogs were pulling the sledge at a very high speed.

He is a man of a high moral sense.

It is a very high profile case these days.

You seem to have rather a high opinion of yourself.

I have searched high and low for my lost pen.

This book is designed for high school students.

The morale of our company is very high after achieving the sales target.

What does a high standard of living mean ?

They were in high spirits.

My teachers used to hold me in high esteem.

It is surrounded by high hills on all sides.

In the ancient times, women enjoyed a very high position.

No one is high or low by caste.

She jumped high enough to touch the ceiling.

He didn’t jump high enough to win a prize.

The water of Red Sea is very salty due to the high degree of salinity.

These fruits are high in vitamin A.

We had a bird’s eye view of the town from the high tower.

Do you have a high school diploma?

No other peak of the Himalayas is so high as Mount Everest.

This tree is so high that I cannot climb it.

He is justified in having high hopes.

I am afraid of high places.

She has broken the high jump record.

She was held in high esteem by all her colleagues.

We were in high spirits.

Birds can fly very high in sky.

He is an example of simple living and high thinking.

She listened to the high voices.

I want to lead a life of simplicity and high thinking.

We have to live up to that high standard.

Simple living and high thinking are the hall marks of his personality.

He rose high in life by dint of labour.

I hold all of them in high regard.

The real beauty of a person lies in noble nature and high character.

I can’t reach as high as you.

He held high the torch of freedom.

I have secured very high marks in all the subjects except in English.

He built a high wall around the garden.

There is no high school in our town.

In these days of high prices the poor labourers have to face great difficulty in keeping the wolf from the door.

We should adopt the principle of ‘simple living and high thinking’ in our day to day life.

He had high ideals and tried to live up to them.

She must stay in bed.

She has a temperature.

They offered me a very high salary as a temptation.

It was his ambition to get admission in high society.

Quickly, it reached high up in the sky and seemed to be touching the clouds.

This happens when it strikes a high mountain.

How high is the Qutab Minar?

I want that these should be carried high up into the air.

I want these to be carried high up into the air.

This includes high LDL cholesterol.

You can heat metals to very high temperatures in a furnace.

There is a high probability that the plan will succeed.

Here is the list of foods which are high in protein.

The main reasons are high .

There were caves high up the side of the mount ain.

We make plastic products of high quality.

Metals expand at high temperatures.

He rose to a high position by virtue of honest and hard work.

Members of the staff have high qualifications and long experience.

A fluctuating high blood pressure can secretly damage your body.

It is now high time for me

She suffers from high blood pressure.

Who holds the world record in the high jump?

The prison has a high wall all round.

Some people use loudspeakers at a high volume on the occasion of marriages.

It should also be bore in mind that he resigned from the high office in the interest of the country.

An upswing in your earnings keeps you in high spirits.

The high voices were listened to by her.

I am confident’ of securing a high First Division in the annual examinations.