helps in a sentence


He helps the weak students in studies.

Education helps in the development of good habits like punctuality, attention, concentration and discipline.

Banana is a high-calorie fruit that helps in weight gain.

God helps those who help themselves.

My brother helps me with my homework.

A working woman helps her husband by bringing additional income.

Education helps us in widening our sense of possibilities.

He is very intelligent and always helps others in their problems.

A computer helps in the activities of man and his profession.

Morning walk helps proper blood circulation and digestion.

Our tongue helps us to taste various things.

My mother helps me making my school assignments quickly and nicely on the computer.

Education helps us to easily understand and deal with any problem and makes balance throughout the whole life in every aspect.

Dancing helps in relaxing the body in the same way as aerobic exercises do.

A high fiber diet helps bind toxins in the bowel and flush them out.

At times, she helps me in my homework.

He helps the weak and guides the brilliant.

It helps us work with greater zeal in life.

The Internet helps the student to study for the exams.

His wife helps him in ironing the clothes.

He never helps anybody.

Discipline helps the nation to make progress, fight external invasions and remain united.

The regular reading of newspaper helps one to remain well informed about the various developments all over the world.

He helps us a lot.

His wealth helps him a lot.

His strength helps him a lot.

His wisdom helps him a lot.

His energy helps him a lot.

His intelligence helps him a lot.

His courage helps him a lot.

His luck helps him a lot.

His ingenuity helps him a lot.

His ambition helps him a lot.

His ability helps him a lot.

Who helps you in your studies ?

This helps both your physical and mental health.

Fasting helps your mind to get calm.

Drinking water helps quench your thirst.

Exercise helps improve your overall health.

Studying regularly helps you understand the material better.

A good night’s sleep helps you feel refreshed in the morning.

A balanced diet helps maintain your weight.

Meditation helps reduce stress and anxiety.

Being organized helps you manage your time effectively.

Kindness helps build strong relationships.

Breathing deeply helps calm your nerves.

A positive attitude helps you overcome challenges.

Proper hygiene helps prevent illness.

Planning ahead helps you avoid last-minute stress.

Communication helps resolve conflicts.

Setting goals helps you stay motivated.

Teamwork helps achieve common objectives.

Laughter helps relieve tension.

Patience helps you deal with difficult situations.

Learning from your mistakes helps you grow.

Practicing mindfulness helps you stay present.

A warm cup of tea helps you relax.

Seeking advice helps you make informed decisions.

Time management helps increase productivity.

Music helps improve your mood.

Good manners helps create a positive impression.

Setting boundaries helps protect your well-being.

Exercise helps build physical strength.

Smiling helps spread positivity.

Reading helps expand your knowledge.

Saving money helps secure your financial future.

Being polite helps maintain a respectful atmosphere.

Forgiveness helps let go of grudges.

Empathy helps you understand others’ perspectives.

Good communication helps prevent misunderstandings.

Proper nutrition helps fuel your body.

Being punctual helps you respect others’ time.

Self-care helps maintain your mental health.

Compassion helps ease others’ suffering.

Exercise helps boost your energy levels.

Cooperation helps accomplish shared goals.

Being honest helps build trust.

Learning a new language helps broaden your horizons.

Problem-solving helps overcome obstacles.

Setting priorities helps manage your workload.

A supportive network helps you in times of need.

Positive reinforcement helps reinforce good behavior.

Reading before bed helps you sleep better.

Team building helps improve collaboration.

A healthy diet helps prevent chronic diseases.

Journaling helps process your thoughts and feelings.

Prioritizing self-care helps reduce stress.

Being proactive helps prevent problems.

Active listening helps improve relationships.

Financial planning helps secure your future.

Positive thinking helps boost self-esteem.

Regular exercise helps maintain flexibility.

Being respectful helps create a harmonious environment.

Learning from experiences helps you make better choices.

Seeking feedback helps you grow and improve.

Creativity helps solve complex problems.

Taking breaks helps prevent burnout.

Being open-minded helps embrace diversity.

Budgeting helps manage your finances wisely.

Kind gestures help brighten someone’s day.

Volunteering helps give back to the community.

Positive affirmations help boost self-confidence.

Time with loved ones helps create lasting memories.

Accepting change helps adapt to new circumstances.

Practicing gratitude helps cultivate happiness.

Healthy relationships help provide emotional support.

Exercise routines help maintain physical fitness.

Effective communication helps build strong connections.

Taking risks helps you step out of your comfort zone.

Learning from others helps broaden your perspective.

Daily exercise helps increase stamina.

A positive outlook helps overcome adversity.

Seeking knowledge helps foster personal growth.

Proper rest helps prevent exhaustion.

Supportive friendships help navigate life’s challenges.

Being adaptable helps thrive in changing environments.

Sharing responsibilities helps lighten the load.

Teamwork helps achieve common goals.

Setting boundaries helps protect your well-being.

Staying organized helps reduce chaos.

Resilience helps bounce back from setbacks.

Personal development helps unlock your potential.

Empowering others helps build a stronger community.

Time management helps accomplish tasks efficiently.

Emotional intelligence helps navigate social situations.

Mindfulness helps reduce stress and anxiety.

Fostering creativity helps inspire innovation.

Kindness helps create a compassionate world.

Problem-solving skills help overcome challenges.

Active participation helps drive positive change.

Self-discipline helps achieve long-term goals.

Practicing patience helps manage frustration.

Gratitude helps cultivate a positive attitude.

Positive self-talk helps boost self-esteem.

Seeking feedback helps refine your skills.

Learning from failures helps build resilience.

Good communication skills help foster understanding.

Taking initiative helps make things happen.

Goal-setting helps give life direction.

Empathy helps build meaningful connections.

Volunteering your time helps make a difference.

Nurturing relationships helps create a supportive network.

Physical activity helps maintain a healthy body.

Adapting to change helps embrace new opportunities.

Reflecting on experiences helps gain insight.

Creative expression helps process emotions.

Prioritizing self-care helps maintain well-being.

Compassion helps alleviate suffering.

Problem-solving helps find solutions.

Accountability helps take responsibility for actions.

Learning from mentors helps gain wisdom.

Positive reinforcement helps reinforce good habits.

Setting boundaries helps maintain personal space.

Seeking advice helps make informed choices.

Time management helps maximize productivity.

Mindfulness meditation helps reduce stress.

Building trust helps establish strong relationships.

Seeking diverse perspectives helps broaden your outlook.

Financial literacy helps make informed financial decisions.

Practicing self-compassion helps cultivate self-love.

Active engagement helps stay connected with others.

Adapting to new technologies helps stay relevant.

Fostering a growth mindset helps embrace challenges.

Mindful breathing helps promote relaxation.

Giving compliments helps boost others’ confidence.

Reflecting on achievements helps celebrate success.

Nurturing creativity helps spark innovation.

Setting realistic goals helps track progress.

Continuous learning helps stay adaptable.

Supporting local businesses helps the community thrive.

Showing appreciation helps strengthen relationships.

Time management techniques help prioritize tasks.

Building resilience helps bounce back from adversity.

Empowering others helps foster leadership skills.

Practicing gratitude daily helps maintain positivity.

Effective problem-solving helps find efficient solutions.

Self-awareness helps improve personal growth.

Prioritizing self-care helps prevent burnout.

Seeking feedback from peers helps improve performance.

Collaborative efforts help achieve shared objectives.

Adaptability helps thrive in changing environments.

Reflecting on experiences helps gain wisdom.

Accepting diversity helps promote inclusion.

Financial planning helps secure future stability.

Taking calculated risks helps achieve goals.

Listening actively helps understand others better.

Practicing forgiveness helps release resentment.

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