helpless in a sentence


In extreme old age, man is also helpless.

We find ourselves completely helpless in a situation of no electricity.

I am helpless in this matter.

In this case I am helpless.

We feel helpless in handling rush because we are not used to it.

We find ourselves helpless in this regard.

We are not helpless in such type of matters.

We are not helpless spectators.

He is helpless before his son.

I am helpless in this case.

We are helpless against the race of time.

Human beings are helpless to prevent natural calamities.

We are helpless in tackling this situation.

I was helpless until you arrived.

We are helpless to tackle the problem.

He is helpless.

I am old and helpless.

He protected the helpless girl.

He found himself quite helpless when difficulties surrounded him.

Those who are helpless deserve our help.

Always help the helpless.

None but the helpless deserve our help.

He, who serves the helpless, is always happy.

Man is helpless before God.

I know you have suffered a great loss but we are helpless before God’s will.

I have grown weak and helpless.

The helpless deserve our pity.

He has a helpless scared look on his face.

We do not want you to feel helpless.

The government should open asylums for those beggars who are really helpless.

Do not mock at the poor and the helpless.

He stood stupefied and helpless.

We are helpless.

I was utterly helpless.

At present, I am helpless.

I feel helpless without my mobile phone.

He felt quite helpless when his wife died.

He never feels helpless in any circumstances.

The officer said that he had been helpless in that matter.

At present, I am helpless.

He wanted to help his people but was helpless.

She gave the poor helpless orphan the cold shoulder.

He had been helpless in that matter.

The helpless woman died by inches.

I am helpless in this matter.

He protected the helpless girl.

He got great honours for protecting the helpless people.

Who cares for the poor and the helpless ?

The helpless woman died by inches.

The helpless deserve our pity.

I know you have suffered a great loss but we are helpless before God’s will.

He has neither compassion for the child nor for the helpless animal.

We should be careful of those who pretend to be helpless and cheat us.

They were made helpless and often faced discrimination and oppression.

The injured bird lay on the ground, helpless and unable to fly.

She felt helpless as she watched her friend struggle with a difficult situation.

The lost child looked around, feeling completely helpless in the crowded mall.

The elderly woman felt helpless as she couldn’t lift the heavy grocery bags.

The puppy’s big eyes made it look adorable and utterly helpless, tugging at everyone’s heartstrings.

The young child held out his hand, seeking help from his mother with a helpless expression.

As the car broke down in the middle of nowhere, the travelers felt completely helpless.

The refugee families arrived in the foreign land, feeling helpless and uncertain about their future.

The witness saw the accident happen but felt helpless to assist as the traffic was too dense.

The charity organization aimed to provide support for the helpless and disadvantaged in the community.

The victim’s plea for help was heartbreaking as she felt completely helpless and trapped.

The child’s trembling voice and tearful eyes showed how helpless she felt in the unfamiliar environment.

The mountain climber found himself in a dangerous situation, feeling helpless on the steep cliff.

Without any prior experience, the new employee felt helpless and overwhelmed on the first day of work.

The injured animal lay on the roadside, helpless and in need of immediate assistance.

The astronaut drifted away from the spaceship, feeling helpless in the vastness of space.

The old man’s failing health left him feeling weak and helpless, relying on others for care.

The victim’s family expressed their frustration, feeling helpless in seeking justice for their loss.

The swimmer got caught in a strong current, feeling helpless as it carried him away from the shore.

The little girl clung to her mother, feeling helpless and scared in the unfamiliar surroundings.

The team struggled with a lack of resources, leaving them feeling helpless in their efforts to complete the project.

The stranded hikers felt helpless as the night fell, and they were still lost in the wilderness.

The injured cat meowed pitifully, feeling helpless and in pain on the side of the road.

The victim’s family felt helpless as the criminal walked free due to lack of evidence.

The factory workers faced layoffs, leaving them feeling helpless about their financial situation.

The sailor was adrift at sea, feeling helpless without any means of communication.

The homeless man sat on the cold sidewalk, feeling helpless and abandoned by society.

The volunteer organization reached out to provide aid and support to the helpless during the disaster.

The parent watched their child struggle with a learning disability, feeling helpless in finding the right resources.

The whistleblower faced retaliation, leaving them feeling helpless against powerful forces.

The refugees sought refuge in a foreign country, feeling helpless and uncertain about their future.

The witness to the crime felt helpless in reporting it, fearing potential repercussions.

The patient’s family felt helpless as they watched their loved one battle a severe illness.

The animal shelter rescued many helpless animals from abusive situations.

The survivor of a natural disaster felt helpless as they searched for missing family members.

The baby cried helplessly, unable to communicate its needs to its parents.

The situation was so dire that even the emergency responders felt helpless in providing immediate assistance.

The trapped hiker felt helpless as the darkness descended, making it impossible to find a way out.

The struggling small business owner felt helpless against the economic challenges brought on by the pandemic.

The bullied child felt helpless as the torment continued day after day.

The activist fought for the rights of the helpless and marginalized in society.

The young kitten was separated from its mother, making it feel helpless and alone.

The old man’s failing memory left him feeling helpless, unable to recall cherished memories.

The person trapped in the sinking car felt helpless as water filled the vehicle.

The victim of a cyber-attack felt helpless in protecting their personal information from further harm.

The orphaned child’s tearful eyes showed how helpless they felt without their parents’ love and care.

The employee faced workplace discrimination, leaving them feeling helpless in seeking justice.

The elderly woman’s frailty made her feel helpless as she relied on others for daily tasks.

The witness to a crime felt helpless, fearing retaliation if they spoke out.

The small animal was caught in a trap, feeling helpless and unable to escape.

The driver of a broken-down car felt helpless on a desolate road without cell reception.

The victim of a natural disaster felt helpless, surrounded by devastation and loss.

The child with a speech disorder felt helpless in expressing their thoughts and emotions.

The homeless man’s plea for help went unanswered, leaving him feeling even more helpless.

The family faced financial hardship, feeling helpless in making ends meet.

The patient in a critical condition felt helpless, relying on medical professionals to save their life.

The young girl’s fear of the dark made her feel helpless when bedtime arrived.

The victim of a crime felt helpless, as the justice system failed to provide closure.

The injured animal was too weak to move, feeling helpless and in pain.

The student struggled with academic challenges, feeling helpless in catching up with their peers.

The refugee camp was filled with displaced people, feeling helpless in an unfamiliar land.

The person with a phobia felt helpless in confronting their greatest fear.

The person in an abusive relationship felt helpless, unable to escape the cycle of violence.

The organization reached out to provide aid and support to the helpless during the humanitarian crisis.

The child was lost in a crowded place, feeling helpless as they searched for their parents.

The survivor of a traumatic event felt helpless in coping with the emotional aftermath.

The injured animal looked up with helpless eyes, seeking compassion and assistance.

The person stuck in an elevator felt helpless, unable to call for help due to a dead phone battery.

The person with a chronic illness felt helpless, facing a constant battle against their health.

The person struggling with addiction felt helpless in breaking free from its grasp.

The athlete faced an injury that left them feeling helpless as they couldn’t participate in their sport.

The child witnessing a violent argument between parents felt helpless, unable to intervene.

The person lost in the wilderness felt helpless, surrounded by unfamiliar terrain.

The victim of a car accident felt helpless as they awaited medical attention.

The individual facing cyberbullying felt helpless as the online harassment continued.

The person diagnosed with a life-threatening disease felt helpless, uncertain about their future.

The person caught in a rip current at the beach felt helpless, struggling to swim back to shore.

The elderly person with limited mobility felt helpless, unable to leave their home without assistance.

The person experiencing a mental health crisis felt helpless in finding relief from their emotional pain.

The individual in an emotionally abusive relationship felt helpless, unable to escape the toxic dynamic.

The survivor of a natural disaster felt helpless, as they lost their home and possessions.

The person in a deteriorating relationship felt helpless, unsure how to salvage it.

The victim of identity theft felt helpless in restoring their compromised financial security.

The person who lost their job felt helpless in the face of financial insecurity.

The individual struggling with grief felt helpless, overwhelmed by feelings of loss and sorrow.

The person facing discrimination felt helpless in fighting against systemic prejudice.

The patient undergoing a painful medical procedure felt helpless, enduring the discomfort.

The person in a toxic work environment felt helpless, unable to find a way out.

The individual facing legal troubles felt helpless, uncertain about their future and the legal process.

The person experiencing a panic attack felt helpless, trying to regain control of their emotions.

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