held in a sentence

Examinations will be held next month.

General Elections in India are held after every five years.

To examine the knowledge of the students, examinations are held in every school and college.

Last week, a painting exhibition was held in the Art Gallery.

Adult literacy classes should be held in the villages and in urban slums.

He is the person who held the world record for a mile race.

A man of high character is held in high esteem by one and all.

General elections are held every 5 years in India.

He was held for poppy husk.

Doctors are held in high esteem not only in India but everywhere in the world.

A seminar was held on rising climate temperature.

He is held in the highest regards.

The drowning man held on to the life buoy.

She held the astrologer in high regard.

Swimming contests are usually held in summer.

He always held to his principles.

The weather held up our flight.

When will the party be held?

A fair is held at Pushkar every year.

Your late arrival has held up the work.

Where was the last meeting held?

The matter was held over until the next meeting.

He is held in high esteem by his colleagues.

A meeting is being held here.

The annual meet of our college will be held today.

He held tightly the reins of his horse.

They held a meeting.

There was an accident on the freeway and traffic held me up.

For want of quorum, the meeting was held over for some other day.

This case will be held over for a month.

The workers held a demonstration outside the gates of the factory to demand increase in wages.

He held his mother responsible for all his troubles.

Elections will be held in July.

He held this position until he retired.

We held our breath.

His name is held in reverence.

He held me responsible for all troubles.

The Annual Prize Distribution Function of our college was held last Monday.

The function was held in a college play ground.

Elections are being held these days.

It was held in the National Stadium.

I held the book in my hand.

In the present system, the examination is held after the end of the year.

A meeting is being held here.

Many functions are held in our college during the academic session.

In India, the General Elections are held after every five years.

We held a meeting with a view to discussing the problem.

We were held up for two hours on account of the accident.

The meetings were held at intervals.

Ceremonies were held to celebrate victories.

He was held up in a traffic jam.

The meeting will be held annually.

I held his sleeve.

He held his breath.

He held a package under his arm.

He held up his hands.

They held her in esteem.

She held my arm firmly.

She held back her anger.

They held a congratulatory banquet.

They held a protest march for freedom.

She held her head up bravely.

They held firm to their convictions.

He was captured and held for trial.

The committee meeting is held twice per month.

A party will be held next Saturday

Many international conferences have been held in Geneva.

The party is to be held next Sunday.

The party will be held outdoors

They held their sides with laughter at his joke.

He held his head straight.

They held a party in honor of the famous scientist.

Have you any idea when the marriage will be held ?

He held the highest office in the army.

The strikers held a meeting.

The concert was held last night at the arts centre.

I held it in both hands.

A meeting is being held here.

He held this position until he did not retire.

He held aloft the torch of freedom.

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