Heard-word meaning in punjabi

Adjective : ਸੁਣਿਆ

Example Sentences :

I’ve heard enough of this.

I heard a story which was interesting.

I heard a knock on the door.

His cry was heard by a man in the surging crowd.

He was heard to open the door.

When we heard his words, we were ashamed.

We heard an awesome sound in the jungle.

I heard it ten years ago.

The thief heard a noise and ran off .

We heard her singing as we passed by her house.

All have heard it.

I heard the good news.

It is heard that a prize has been won by him.

The boys heard their father’s footstep and ran away.

A man who heard me calling came running up.

I heard the noise and woke up.

I was touched with pity when I heard that he had died.

He wept when he heard of his failure.

We heard him sing in the room.

His voice will be heard no more by you.

I had heard of ragging of new students.

I heard the cries of a child.

I heard of your misfortune, and came to you right away.

She had scarcely heard the news when she broke down.

We heard her talk loudly.

The teacher heard the students.

We heard of his success.

Having heard his father’s footsteps, he ran away.

I heard it ten years ago.

I heard the bells of the bicycles.

I have not heard from you of your appointment.

He was heard of never again.

I heard of his success.

Her sobs could be heard in the still of night.

I have heard this before.

I heard him cry.

I myself heard the remark.

If he was there, he must have heard the talk.

Have you never heard it ?

As soon as he heard the news he wrote to me.

As soon as you’ve heard any news, will you let me know?

The rabbit darted away when it heard the noise.

He fell ill when he heard the bad news.

He had never heard of him.

When I heard the news, I ran to console the poor woman who had lost her only son.

I have heard enough of this.

I heard their whisper.

She had heard of my father’s safe arrival.

I heard him talking to the girl.

He remained silent when he heard that.

The wails of women could be heard at a distance.

I heard the noise of an aircraft engine.

We heard it at home hundreds of times.

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