heard in a sentence

  1. I heard the tramp of feet.
  2. I was stunned when I heard of his misconduct at the wedding party.
  3. I heard his speech.
  4. I have heard about your wisdom.
  5. I have never heard about me.
  6. We heard him shriek.
  7. I heard a ruckus near my home.
  8. I haven’t heard from your in 20 years.
  9. I have heard of that film but I’ve never actually seen it.
  10. I heard this news in the morning.
  11. I had never seen or heard of any of them.
  12. I’ve heard of you.
  13. I have heard so much about you.
  14. I heard you the first time.
  15. I’ve never heard anything like that.
  16. I screamed for help but no one heard me.
  17. I have heard a lot about your sweet voice.
  18. I have not heard from you for quite sometime.
  19. It has been so long since I’ve heard from you.
  20. He heard of my success.
  21. I heard her gasp.
  22. He had heard something.
  23. I heard of your daughter’s birth.
  24. I do not remember having heard this.
  25. I heard the bang.
  26. I heard it ten years ago.
  27. This is the first time that I have heard her song.
  28. When he heard the news he became sad.
  29. He is the most eloquent speaker that I have ever heard.
  30. I haven’t heard anything about it.
  31. Have you heard the news?
  32. I have never seen her or heard of her.
  33. As soon as I heard the noise I came out.
  34. I heard them talk.
  35. The speaker spoke loud enough to be heard easily.
  36. I heard this robbery from him.
  37. I heard him say so.
  38. I heard him saying so.
  39. When he heard this news, he became silent.
  40. I heard this very story two years ago.
  41. The thief heard a noise and ran off.
  42. I’ve heard him describe you.
  43. I’ve heard him refer to you.
  44. I had never heard of him.
  45. You will have heard this news already; so I need not repeat it.
  46. I heard of his having failed in the examination.
  47. I have not heard from him since he left this place.
  48. They will have heard it.
  49. I’ve just heard a good discussion on the radio.
  50. I have not heard from you for a long time.
  51. The people made such a noise that nothing was heard.
  52. He was sad when he heard the news.
  53. We heard of his having gained a prize.
  54. I heard her sing.
  55. He spoke so low that he could not be heard.
  56. Had you heard it before ?
  57. I heard of his good fortune.
  58. Having heard a noise I turned round.
  59. I heard a strange sound yesterday in the night.
  60. I heard a faint noise.
  61. I have heard that you sing very sweetly.
  62. The judge heard the witnesses.
  63. Have you heard what has happened ?
  64. I heard you have bought a car.
  65. I have not heard from them for over a year now.
  66. Please do not repeat what you’ve heard in this room to anyone.
  67. We have not heard of you.
  68. I do not remember having heard this.
  69. I have heard of it.
  70. We had heard nothing about his whereabouts.

Synonyms of Heard


  • A large number of boys were caught copying.
  • All the thieves had been caught before they could escape.
  • All the thieves were caught and punished.
  • The thief ran away, but the police caught the thief.
  • The policeman caught the thief.
  • He just caught the bus.
  • I have caught cold.
  • The angler has caught a big fish.
  • It is almost certain that he caught the train.
  • He could have caught the thief.
  • He may have caught the train.
  • The robbers have not been caught so far.


  • Would that I had heeded your advice !


  • He is as much noted for his bravery as for his charity.
  • I looked at my watch and noted that it was past five.
  • The teacher noted several mistakes in my recitation.
  • He is noted as a soccer player.
  • She looked at her watch and noted that it was past five.
  • We noted the professor’s main points.
  • She was noted for her good looks at school.


  • He read a story and understood it.
  • I understood the reason for this.
  • I found it difficult to make himself understood in German.
  • I can’t make myself understood in French.
  • I was sure I understood it
  • I think it doubtful whether he understood my explanation.
  • Can you make yourself understood in Japanese?
  • When I understood him I thought better of him.
  • He could not make himself understood in English.
  • They could make themselves understood in English.
  • He can make himself understood in French.


  • This lady witnessed an accident at three o’clock this afternoon.
  • It was only last week that I witnessed a very serious accident.
  • I witnessed a quarrel at an election booth.
  • Last month, I witnessed a drowning tragedy.
  • Last Sunday, I witnessed exciting hockey match.
  • Several people witnessed the accident.
  • At times, we have witnessed conflicts and disturbances.
  • He witnessed the accident.
  • She witnessed the truth of the statement.

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