health in a sentence

You should take care of your health.

We must take care of our health.

If you do not take exercise, you will not enjoy good health.

Health means freedom from care.

Take care of your health.

With poor health one cannot be happy.

I want to inquire after her health.

How can we maintain good health?

Take care of your health.

We should take care of our clothes and only wear well washed clean clothes for our good physical and mental health.

Pay attention to health problem.

Improve your health by paying attention to diet.

Worry is enemy number one of happiness and sound health.

When you worry it tell on your health as well.

Lack of vitamin K in the body can cause serious health issues.

There are many health benefits of white onions.

Is it healthy to use air conditioners?

In order to maintain a good health, it is necessary to follow a good diet pattern.

Not all fats are bad for your health.

Too much of anything is bad for health.

What are the health benefits of the nutritious coconut water?

Without good health, you cannot enjoy anything in this world.

He is sure to lose his health under the strain of overwork.

He knows smoking isn’t good for his health, but he can’t give it up.

Owing to ill health, she could not prepare the breakfast.

Smoking injures health.

I play so that I may have good health.

We cannot do any hard job if we have poor health.

Smoking cigarettes is injurious to health.

Bad health compelled him to resign from his job.

The doctor made a few apt remarks about nutrition and health.

My irregular habits of diet have wrecked my health.

Care of health is better than the cure of disease.

He is neglectful of his bodily health.

How is your health now?

Smoking impoverished his health.

His separation from his family told upon his health.

She doesn’t look after her health.

He came to enquire after my health.

His health broke down due to overwork.

My son is in perfect health.

Health is preferable to riches.

Over eating is bad for health.

Wine is injurious to health.

Overwork will tell upon your health.

She inquired after her sister’s health.

He had not been keeping good health for six years.

His health is very much better now.

Fast food spoils our health.

Smoking injures health.

Swimming improves our health.

He wants to maintain his health.

Money can’t buy health.

His health broke down.

It is good for health.

Eating too much is bad for health.

She came here to inquire about the health of her son.

She is generally negligent about her health.

He has very bad health.

She is indifferent to her health.

Owing to ill health he retired from business.

Drinking is not good for health.

Drinking injures health.

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