have in a sentence

You cannot have it both ways.

I am on leave today as I have an urgent piece of work at home.

I have an interesting book to read.

Go and have your dinner.

Did you have a sound sleep last night?

Do you have tea or coffee for breakfast?

In our school we have a number of good teachers.

Why should a person have security?

I have in my mind plots of several novels.

I have no politician to back me.

Most of the villagers have no work to do.

You cannot have it both ways.

I have a meeting at 10 am.

We should have sincere friends and pleasant companions to make us happy.

Every village should have a school.

All of us have two arms.

Man and animals have a mouth to eat food.

What will you have for breakfast?

I do not have many good things to say about myself.

I have the potential to become what I like to be.

Why have you come here?

How many humps do Arabian camels have?

You have to admit something strange is going on here.

The streets of this locality have not been repaired for many years.

We should be happy with what we have.

How many rupees have I in my pocket?

What do you like to have for breakfast?

Can I have a cup of tea?

We have all the information and we will unveil it at a later stage.

Hotel owners have taken the lead by offering discounts on delicacies.

I have full faith and confidence in his impartiality and objective disposition.

Pesticides have contaminated water and soil.

We are the most evenhanded and secular people and have no personal axe to grind.

I have nothing to hide, no axe to grind, he declared.

They have spread all over the country and abroad:

I have completed Class XII this year (PCM).