haunted in a sentence


This is a haunted house.

This is a haunted house in the jungle.

This house is haunted.

Do you know that this house is haunted?

It was haunted by supernatural things, ghosts, witches and spirits.

This place is scary and haunted.

There are many haunted places in the world.

Do you love reading or watching haunted stories?

It is haunted by a number of problems.

These questions haunted me time and again.

There are many haunted places around the world.

Nothing can be more scary or thrilling than going to a haunted place.

Have you been haunted by this question anytime?

Do you love reading or watching haunted stories?

I think this room is haunted.

The World is full of mysterious and haunted places and objects.

Haunted Places is always a hot topic.

Don’t go in haunted house.

This is a question that has haunted me since the beginning.

We are all haunted by these questions.

They say this old house is haunted.

A person believing in superstitions is always haunted by unknown fears and anxieties.

The house in my neighborhood is lying vacant because it is believed to be a haunted house.

That house is haunted.

Hardly anyone was haunted by the fear of great wars.

I am haunted by a ghost.

It has become almost a haunted place in these days of soaring prices.

This is a haunted house.

This question has haunted many in the near past and now has been .

This house is haunted.

It is said the house is haunted.

That old house is thought to be haunted.

I’m still haunted by a vivid nightmare I had last night.

I went to a haunted house.

He haunted the art galleries.

We are haunted by an ideal life

The house is said to be haunted.

The castle is haunted.

The old mansion had a haunted atmosphere, with creaking floors and mysterious whispers echoing through the halls.

The abandoned asylum stood in eerie silence, its broken windows and crumbling walls giving off a haunted vibe.

The legend of the haunted graveyard had kept people away for generations, afraid of encountering restless spirits among the tombstones.

The old, dilapidated house had a haunted reputation, rumored to be inhabited by the ghost of a former resident.

The chilling sound of a child’s laughter echoed through the empty hallway, adding to the haunted ambiance of the deserted school.

The haunted painting seemed to follow you with its eyes, giving off an uncanny feeling of being watched.

The haunted tales of the haunted shipwreck sent chills down their spines as they explored the remnants of the vessel on the desolate beach.

The town’s haunted history attracted paranormal investigators, seeking to uncover the secrets of the spectral presence that lingered there.

The old house had a haunted reputation, with locals claiming to have seen apparitions and heard mysterious noises.

Every Halloween, the town organizes a haunted house attraction, complete with actors, special effects, and spooky decorations.

The children dared each other to enter the haunted graveyard at night, curious to see if the ghostly legends were true.

She had vivid nightmares after visiting the haunted castle, with visions of ghostly figures and eerie voices.

The family decided to move out of the haunted apartment after experiencing unexplained phenomena and feeling a constant presence.

The writer drew inspiration from the haunted stories she heard growing up and incorporated them into her horror novel.

The abandoned amusement park had a haunted vibe, with broken rides and an eerie silence that sent shivers down visitors’ spines.

He captured a chilling photograph of a haunted house, where a spectral figure appeared in the window.

The paranormal investigator visited the haunted hotel to gather evidence of ghostly activity using specialized equipment.

The documentary crew set out to explore the haunted history of the town, interviewing witnesses and visiting notorious locations.

The group of friends decided to explore the haunted forest at night, seeking thrills and hoping to encounter supernatural occurrences.

The abandoned factory had a haunted atmosphere, with flickering lights and distant sounds that made even the bravest souls uneasy.

The local legend spoke of a haunted well in the village, believed to be a portal to the spirit world.

The haunted doll in the museum’s collection had a sinister aura, and visitors couldn’t help but feel its penetrating gaze.

The haunted shipwreck was a popular destination for ghost hunters, who aimed to capture evidence of paranormal activity aboard the vessel.

The town’s annual haunted hayride attracted visitors from far and wide, offering a thrilling experience through a spooky, haunted forest.

The ghost tour guide shared chilling stories of the town’s haunted history, recounting tales of lost spirits and tragic events.

The haunted corn maze drew crowds during Halloween, with visitors navigating through dark paths and encountering actors dressed as ghosts and ghouls.

The hotel room had a haunted reputation, with guests reporting strange occurrences such as flickering lights and objects moving on their own.

The haunted tunnel was known for its eerie echoes and chilling drafts, making it a popular spot for paranormal enthusiasts.

The haunted lighthouse on the cliff had a hauntingly beautiful view of the ocean, attracting visitors despite its ghostly reputation.

The small town had a haunted history, with tales of paranormal activity dating back centuries and passed down through generations.

The haunted trail through the dense forest was filled with spooky surprises, including actors dressed as ghosts and jump scares.

The ghostly whispers and footsteps in the old mansion added to its haunted allure, leaving visitors with eerie sense of unease.

The haunted dollhouse on display at the museum had intricate details and a dark backstory that intrigued and unsettled viewers.

The abandoned school building had a haunted reputation, with rumors of ghostly children playing in the hallways late at night.

The haunted trail in the woods was notorious for its paranormal encounters, with visitors reporting shadowy figures and disembodied voices.

The haunted painting in the art gallery seemed to come to life, with eerie movements and changing expressions that sent shivers down viewers’ spines.

The haunted doll collection in the antique shop had a disturbing energy, leaving customers with a sense of unease and curiosity.

The haunted theater was said to be haunted by the ghost of a former actress, with sightings and unexplained sounds during performances.

The old, rundown asylum had a haunting past, and its crumbling walls and barred windows added to its haunted allure.

The haunted hotel room was off-limits to guests after reports of guests waking up with unexplained scratches and feeling a presence in the room.

The haunted painting gallery showcased eerie and unsettling artwork that seemed to have a haunting effect on those who observed it.

The haunted cave deep in the mountains had an air of mystery, with reports of ghostly apparitions and unexplained phenomena.

The abandoned mansion was a favorite spot for urban explorers, drawn by its haunted reputation and mysterious history.

The haunted dollhouse on display at the museum had a chilling backstory, with rumors of the dolls moving on their own and strange occurrences happening around them.

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