has to in a sentence

He has to do this work.

Everyone has to face problems in life.

He has to struggle for existence.

Law and order has to be maintained.

Man is a social being, he has to interact and work with others for his everyday needs and his survival.

Every film has to be passed by the censor.

The policeman has to do onerous duties to maintain law and order.

She has to pay a very heavy price for it.

One has to work hard to achieve one’s desires.

Everyone has to die one day.

He has to face a lot of hardships because of his abject poverty.

Every girl has to leave her parents’ home one day.

Man has to live in society.

A traveler has to guard his possessions.

One has to play the game not for oneself but for the whole team.

A candidate for the Assembly has to canvass for votes from door to door.

Pregnancy is a time when the mother has to be extra careful about what to eat, .

The principle of optimum standard of proof has to be followed at all costs.

With the changing weather, one also has to change the skin care routine.

He has to beg.

He has to look after himself.

Within this small amount, he has to manage his family.

She has to look after the whole household.

The judgement has to be announced before evening.

He has to communicate with others.

He has to do many odd jobs.

Man has to die one day.

It has to be acquired from all nooks and corners of the world.

Every new teacher has to face the music on the first day in the class.

He has to work hard in order to support his family.

She has to pay for the book.

The measurement has to be exact.

He has to look for a job.

He has to leave in a few minutes.

He has to work harder than he used to to make ends meet.

One has to put on a helmet to protect the head.

Every rickshaw puller has to get a rickshaw number from the Municipal Committee.

The rickshaw has to be got inspected by the Municipality every year.

Whether hot or cold, he has to do his duty.

He has to stand in water for hours.

He has to do the work.

He has to remain at home.

He has to be on his legs from morning till evening.

It has to be done by me.

A person has to make choices in his life.

Someone has to tell the teacher that her own son started the fire, but who will bell the cat?

On busy days, he has to work late.

Sometimes she has to work late.

It is true that every relationship has to go through certain ups and downs.

He has to praise me.

It has to be done by you.

Man has to face difficulties at every step of life.

In a relationship it is not necessary that it has to be all rosy and things have to work out as per your will.

He has to write official letters.

He has to deal with the officials of firms.

He has to account for the money.

He has to undergo a rigorous training before taking up his job as a regular soldier.

The country has to progress.

He has to move from village to village for his duty.

He has to communicate with his fellow beings.

One has to be practical in life.

He has to see that clothes are ironed and shoes are polished.

He has to do every small thing himself.

He has to be very cautious.

He has to do it.

The public has to bear this burden.

Whenever a new road or bridge is built, it has to be inaugurated by some important central or state minister.

After all there has to be some change in our society.

He has to put up with the noisy neighbors.

The material has to be lifted within one week from the deposit of the full amount.

He has to meet people and interact with them during the course of his life.

The host has to see that every guest feels that he is welcome and that his visit is an obligation on the host.

Pressure on land has to be lessened.

How well fitted the camel is for the work he has to do !

A child has to go to a school for formal education.

Though difficult, the choice has to be made.

Our family has to leave for New Delhi.

I want to see what he has to say.

It has to grow.

The miner often has to travel long distances underground before reaching the coal face.

Time has to be taken by the forelock for achieving success.

A farmer has to work hard in his fields from dusk to down.

Books are also of different types only the best has to be chosen.

He has to be attended on by me.

Even if something negative has to be said, it should be said in such a way that it does not hurt the feelings of the other person.

A businessman has to meet high officials.

She has to get up very early in the morning.

He has to measure the spot once again.

He has to go many miles before taking rest.

She has to stay in bed.

He is so tall that he has to stoop when he comes into the room.

This work has to be finished by Monday.

He has to work selflessly for the betterment of the country.

That niche has to be ready and able to influence a large group of their friends.

He has to change his shirt.

A person has to face a lot many challenges during mountain climbing.

The land resource sustenance has to be integrated with forest protection conservation and promotion.

He’s so deep in debt that he has to get money from one person to cover his other debts.

He has to deliver the letters on time no matter how cold or hot the day is.

He has to study hard.

He has to work tonight.

He has to stay home tonight, but we don’t have to stay home.

The train has to pass through a number of tunnels.

Generally, he has to appear in one or the other examination, but that may not always be the case.

She has no alternative, she has to take the exam.

He has to move the furniture himself.

Everyone has to learn the word by heart.

The plaque has to be removed.

The tartar has to be removed.

He has to work tonight, doesn’t he?

At any rate, he has to do something.

He has to go.

Please inform him that he has to stay back after class Heorrow for his science.

A hermit has to do nothing with money.

He has to cook his own meals.

One has to do one’s best in anything.

This is all He has to do.

His job has to do with films.

Everybody has to take an entrance examination.

It is the plant that has to grow healthy.

She has to bring it with her to school day after tomorrow.

One has to pay fine for breaking a rule.

One has to wait and watch for this provision for its implementation.

The story has to proceed with the help of both dialogue and narration.

Has to get to work on time.

She has to go to the airport.

He has to get the car repaired.

It has to be answered.

He has to borrow money by the end of the month as his expenditure always exceeds his income.

He has to wash the dishes.

Finally he has to feed the dog.

Why he has to go?

There has to be a large scale enlargement of such jobs.

He is irritating because he always has to have the last word in any argument.

He has to stay home.

She always has to give her opinion.

Either one of you has to go there.

She has to stop smoking.

Her son is a mama’s boy. He has to be with her all the time.

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