harm in a sentence

Pollution may harm the environment immediately or gradually, over a long period of time.

There is no harm in going there.

We should be polite by nature and not harm others.

Poison can cause death or harm. Do not take or touch it.

What have I done to harm you?

Why should you want to harm me?

We should never harm national interests.

I protected him from harm.

We should never harm any creatures, however small they are.

What harm can he do to us?

I do not mean to harm any of you.

Please don’t harm me.

There is no harm in doing this.

Sweets harm our body.

He is so gentle that he cannot even harm a fly.

There is no harm in telling him of the truth.

It never crossed my mind to harm any one.

I do not mean to harm you in any way.

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