hardly in a sentence

He could hardly stand or walk.

He could hardly sleep at night.

Hardly had the performance begun when the lights went out.

I have hardly any spare time.

He has hardly any money.

If you want to pass, you should work hardly.

He was so changed that I could hardly recognize him.

There is hardly any hope of compromise.

There is hardly anyone who does not fear and dislike examinations.

Hardly had we reached the platform when the train arrived.

He is a poor guy and hardly has any clothes to wear.

Most of us utilise hardly one-third the capacity of the lungs.

Fireflies hardly live a few days or weeks at the maximum.

I hardly shave on Sunday.

I’m so tired, I can hardly walk myself.

I hardly knew him for a week.

There is hardly anything which science does not do for us.

He with his small income, can hardly keep body and soul together.

You can hardly ever understand her ways.

He hardly works.

He has hardly any food.

He hardly works.

You can hardly imagine it.

She can’t hardly do so.

Today there is hardly any sphere of human activity which has not been touched by the computers.

We had hardly stepped out when it began to rain.

You can hardly be serious

They are hardly provided any nutritious meals.

He was hardly fifteen years of age.

I have hardly any money.

There is hardly any scope for you to relax for a while.