hard in a sentence

He is a hard man to please.

Examinations make the students work hard.

He works hard.

He is very hard on his servants.

He is hard of hearing.

A farmer has to work very hard in his field.

He encourages me to try hard and not feel frustrated.

A soldier’s life is very hard.

Early man had to lead a very hard life.

I have worked very hard to be at this position.

Everybody in today’s time is working hard.

He is working hard for a promotion.

His duty is very hard.

My grandmother is hard of hearing.

I am hard pressed by this urgency.

We are passing through hard times.

He finds it hard to earn a living in these hard times.

It becomes very hard to change bad habits once it is inculcated.

you are hard of hearing.

He tried hard to keep his emotions under control.

You worked hard for it.

I have seen very hard life.

He wishes to win the first prize therefore he works hard.

Work hard, otherwise you will not pass.

He ran so hard that he was out of breath.

He works very hard for that purpose.

Iron is a hard metal.

you do not work hard.

He is averse to hard work.

He will work hard.

Don’t pull the rope so hard it may give way and you will fall down.

We have hard work ahead.

After the hard work you will need a healthy change.

She works so hard that she can get good results.

She is always hard at work.

She works hard in the office for a small salary.

She worked hard in behalf of her family.

She is working hard this semester.

She worked hard on account of her children.

She works as hard as anybody does.

She is hard on him.

It must be hard for you.

She worked hard to get the work done.

It is hard to maintain one’s reputation.

It was hard to persuade him to cancel the trip.

He doesn’t work as hard as he used to.

Patience and hard work will conquer all.

It’s hard to learn a foreign language.

White carpets are very hard to keep clean.

Did she have a hard time?

He tried hard to make both ends meet on a small salary.

She tried hard to express herself well.

She works hard to earn her living.

It’s hard for me to give up drinking.

There was a hard contest.

You must work hard to win the first prize.

The hard work of students and teachers has brought good results.

People get taken in by an amazing lifestyle, luxurious hotels, but fail to see the hard work behind it all.

It takes a lot of hard work to manage a career and a family.

There is no short cut to hard work.

Never run away from hard work.

The hard work that I have put in to reach this position has finally showed the results.

By dint of sheer hard work and unmatched perseverance,he has secured the first position.

In a jubilant mood, the students gave the credit of their success to the hard work of their teachers.

He made the students aware of the importance of hard work in today’s competitive world.

Years of hard work have made them icons.

A person needs to exercise hard and eat good to lose weight.

Instead of wasting your time trying to be jack of all trade, it is better to work hard and become master of one.

How hard have you tried?

It is a hard nut to crack.

He crossed the river after a hard struggle.

The work was too hard for us to finish.

My sister doesn’t study hard enough.

Yes, but it was hard to believe.

He worked hard so that he could succeed.

There is no substitute for hard work.

I worked hard, studied hard.

Besides hard work, you have to have other qualities to become successful.

Finding a job is hard work.

Side fat looks very unappealing and becomes very hard to deal with.

Life can be a roller coaster of emotions and it can become hard to deal with the ups and downs.

Kindey stones are small hard deposits of mineral and acid salts inside the kidneys.

This disturbs your biological clock and you may find it hard .

You are too clever not to solve the hard problem.

You work too hard these days. Aren’t you tired?

You’re really a hard worker.

It is hard to distinguish you from your brother.

You must work very hard on duty.

It is hard for an empty sack to stand straight.

He worked hard that he might pass.

Itchiness is something we all find hard to resist .

As a teacher, he always strived hard for the integrated personality .

When his passion is roused, it is hard To keep him within bounds.

He should work hard to pass the examination.

It’s been raining hard for a long time.

I am hard up these days and cannot help you with money.

It must have been hard to choose.

It shouldn’t have been hard to win.

I’ve been working very hard recently.

Was it hard to write your letter of application?

It’s always hard to write about yourself.

How hard have you tried?

Not as hard as I could have, I’m afraid.

He tried hard but he could not get at the truth.

It’s hard to get to by bike because it’s far away.

Success in school calls for much hard study.

Success in school calls for hard study.

He worked hard as long as it grew dark.

She is hard to please.

He worked hard at the shop.

The teacher advised the boys to work hard and steadily.

Work hard if you want to get a prize.

He worked hard all through the year.

I am tired with hard work.

He tried hard but could not succeed.

She worked hard so that she should top the list.

He said that she would not win however hard she might try.

The laborers also find it difficult to live in such a hard time.

The question of getting a job is a hard nut to crack.

There are no hard and fast rules about it.

You must work hard to pass the examination.

Due to the bleaching powder in water the fish finds it hard to respire.

People above 60 would find it hard to come to terms with it.

Your question is hard for me to answer.

It’s hard for him to live on his small pension.

It’s hard for me to live on my small income.

We all try hard to make the grade in life

We worked hard to make ends meet.

That was hard to believe.


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