hard work in a sentence

I have been rewarded for my hard work.

You should not shirk hard work.

Success is dependent upon hard work also.

Without hard work there is no success.

He acquired a lot of money by hard work.

All the man-made things, we are watching around us, are the result of man’s hard work.

He believes in continuous hard work and perseverance.

inventions and discoveries are the result of hard work and years of sustained effort.

No great work can be accomplished without hard work.

Hard work is rightly said to be the key to success.

Hard work is the key to success.

Hard work is crowned with success.

He has a distaste for hard work.

He enjoys a sound sleep after his day’s hard work.

He did not want to do any hard work but used to dream of being rich one day.

He used to earn his livelihood by hard work.

In spite of all his hard work nothing grew in his farm.

Follow the policy of the hard work.

I am very energetic and have a high capacity for hard work.

Hard work and practice make a person better at whatever he is doing.

We have hard work ahead.

Hard work pays in life.

Perseverance and hard work can remove all obstructions in your life.

He stood first in the examination by dint of his hard work.

Notwithstanding his hard work, he did not succeed.

In spite of hard work, he could not get even pass marks.

Hard work is the hallmark of his character.

If you put your trust in hard work nobody can stop you from achieving success.

He is doing hard work with a view to please me.

On account of hard work, he stood first.

Hard work is the only short cut to greatness.

The harvesting season means a lot of hard work for the farmers.

Hard work is key to success.

There is no substitute for hard work.

He succeeded in the business by dint of his hard work.

The habit of sustained hard work will pay you in life.

Hard work builds up self-confidence in us.

He has been doing too much hard work.

To take rest after hard work is necessary.

It is natural for an old man to feel the fatigue after whole day’s hard work.

His health has broken down due to hard work.

Good boys do hard work, while bad ones waste their time.

You must bear in mind that hard work never goes waste.

Many things can be achieved by hard work.

He is not accustomed to hard work.

He succeeded by dint of hard work.

You can achieve success by dint of hard work.

You cannot succeed without hard work.

Hard work and determination are the gateway to success and fame.

He failed in spite of hard work.

I had always been applauded for my hard work and sincerity.

I am capable of doing hard work.

He does hard work the whole day.

He is used to hard work.

He slept soundly after hard work.

I am tired with hard work.

He is averse to hard work.

It was owing to hard work that you succeeded.

They will achieve success by hard work.

Hard work told upon his health.

He is unaccustomed to hard work.

I have had a break today after one week’s hard work.

Hard work always pays.

If you shirk hard work, you will not succeed.

Hard work affected my health.

Success demands a good deal of natural talent and lot of hard work.

He rose to a high position by virtue of honest and hard work.

He got the first place by dint of his hard work.

No body can become rich without hard work.

You cannot achieve success without hard work.

Hard work brings success.

He won a scholarship by dint of hard work.

The habit of long and sustained hard work stand you in good steed throughout your life.

This hard work has made me very tired.

We must bear in mind that hard work is the key to success.

There is no incentive to hard work in our life.

You must bear in mind that hard work never goes waste.

To take rest after hard work is necessary.

They are tired after many periods of hard work and study.

We have hard work ahead.

He told me that hard work pays in life.

You must bear in mind that hard work is the key to success.

In spite of hard work he failed.

On account of his hard work he passed.

In spite of hard work he failed.

my hard work has been rewarded.

After the hard work you will need a healthy change.

Your grand success speaks of the hard work that you had put in.

He does the hard work and is getting rewards.

I had to put in a lot of hard work for each project.

Well you need a lot of patience and a little bit of hard work .

It seems my hard work has paid off.

By hard work we can achieve anything.

It is through hard work that he succeeded.

It is the fruit of hard work and a well-prepared plan.

His hard work bore fruit.

By dint of hard work he succeeded at last.

The hard work has run him down.

Luck and hard work are necessary if you want to advance in life.

He believes in hard work.

We attribute his success more to hard work than to genius.

My master inflicted hard work on me.

All her hard work had finally paid off.

It takes hard work to have nice hair!

Hard work pays off.

You deserve it because of all your hard work.

It is my parent’s hard work that has given us this blessing.

Through his hard work and diligence he took the party to a milestone.

A great amount of hard work and diligence is gone into doing this and when it’s complete it looks beautiful.

Every great civilization you see has been achieved through hard work and commitment.

He gets all these achievements through his hard work and dedication.

With his hard work he gets into Railways.

Yes hard work together with the time will definitely lead to success.

I know it would take a lot of hard work on my part to cherish this dream.

Their hard work gives them confidence to do something in their life.

This proverb just proves the importance of hard work and will power.

Mothers never get much appreciation and credit for their hard work and relentless works.

Moreover this hard work is for a long period of time.

It tells us that everything is possible through hard work and dedication.

We see that hard work paid off for all these people.

Due to the hard work of Dhoni he gets a chance in the National Cricket Team.

The true meaning nothing great comes without hard work and time dedication.

When you put in hard work in work and relationships life will prosper.

Does hard work lead to success?

It does not require much hard work because it is enjoyable to make friends.

But this is only possible through hard work and dedication.

Not everyone can be disciplined because it requires a lot of hard work and dedication.

These things need hard work to be able to come true.

Synonyms of Hard work


How can we avoid the feeling of drudgery ?


The stated price does not include labor charges.

Hard labor was beginning to tell on his health.

They will organize a labor union.

He did hard manual labor through the day.

Management tried to appease labor by offering them a bonus.

Backbreaking work


Hard way

Long haul

Tough grind

Uphill battle

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    Hard work and determination are always important factors in the success of any endeavor.

    His hard work will make him.

    He is accustomed to hard work.

    The governor praised the police chief for his hard work and enduring professionalism over his forty year career.

    She attained her success through hard work.

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