happiness in a sentence

Man wants happiness and peace.

The secret of happiness lies in the simplification of life.

In happiness man feels excited.

Good health is the first condition of happiness in life.

Physical comforts do not and cannot give ‘happiness‘.

Happiness is a state of mind which can be acquired by having pure thoughts.

Man has been searching for happiness in mountains, forests, temples, ashrams and films.

People crave for happiness.

Happiness is priceless and not dependent upon the wealth of a person.

Happiness is a state of mind and has nothing to do with the external world.

Love is the storehouse of happiness.

Happiness is internal.

If you want happiness for a lifetime. Learn to love what you do.

Passion is the energy that keeps us going, and fills our life with meaning, happiness, excitement and anticipation.

We experience happiness when we meet situations, circumstances, and people that we like.

When the mind is controlled, happiness is found within.

There can be no real happiness in life if one does not have good health.

Festivals bring happiness, joy and peace amongst people of all religions.

Contentment brings peace and happiness to him.

Happiness can be achieved if one can cultivate silence of the mind.

Worry and happiness never go together.

Happiness is key to good health.

It is commonly said that happiness is a state of mind.

There is no glow of happiness on the faces of the people.

All yearn for happiness.

To the average person happiness is generally measured in terms of success.

Where does the real human happiness and solace lie?

Nature can fill our lives with real joy, goodness and happiness.

Japanese use their eyes to express their feeling of happiness or friendly attitude.

This is an occasion for happiness.

Everything we do, we do for the sake of happiness.

Caring leads you towards goodness and happiness.

Real happiness does not come from wealth.

one cannot buy happiness with money,

Achievement and prosperity without happiness are futile.

Nothing is more important to us than your happiness.

He is replete with happiness.

When you share sorrow, it divides; when you share happiness, it multiplies.

Happiness is neither fulfillment of desires nor the suppression of desires.

May God bless you with health and happiness.

He has no internal happiness.

May God grant you happiness in life !

The days of happiness pass away quickly.

Everybody craves for happiness.

He craved for happiness.

My happiness knew no bounds.

Good heath is conducive to happiness.

Good health is necessary to happiness.

I pray to God for your health and happiness.

Actual happiness consists in contentment.

I want your happiness.

Can we buy happiness ?

Money cannot buy happiness.

Can money buy happiness ?

Good health is conducive to happiness.

Happiness is a part of life.

Wealth does not conduce to happiness.

The trees give us shadow of happiness.

It gives me great happiness to release this book.

You don’t know how much happiness you have given me today.

Happiness vanished from his life like vapour.

Her face was radiant with happiness.

True happiness is highly elusive.

Nothing is more important to us than your happiness.

Happiness lies in selfless service of others.

Everyone yearns for happiness.

All try to obtain happiness, but a few get it.

My childhood was a period full of bliss and happiness.

He is replete with happiness.

Every man and every woman desires happiness.

Man desires peace and happiness.

Happiness is in contentment.

We must work for the happiness of all sections in society.

I like to spread happiness.

Good health is necessary for happiness and success.

We must work for the happiness of the sections of society.

May this occasion bring you all happiness and prosperity!

Good health is essential for happiness and success in life.

Wealth does not provide happiness to man.

Some people seek happiness in power.

The days of happiness pass away quickly.

The days of happiness become memorable.

How can one get happiness ?

Ordinarily it is thought that happiness consists in the fulfilment of desires.

Man has been striving to get happiness since times immemorial.

Good health is essential for happiness and success in life.

Has happiness anything to do with riches or poverty ?

May God grant you happiness in life !

What is happiness ?

May God grant you happiness in life !

Our happiness or our sorrow is largely due to our own actions.

She was dropped from the height of happiness into the depth of misery.

People want to find happiness easily.

There will be peace and happiness in your married life.

This will bring peace and happiness back to your life.

True love will bring peace and happiness to your heart.

But I’m not sure whether it brings happiness to everybody.

Everybody knows that happiness is in contentment.

You can’t judge happiness in terms of money.

Early rising gives happiness and health.

I agree that happiness is surely a condition of the mind.

Sweets have brought happiness to human beings.

There is no hard and fast rule for getting happiness in life.

Some people opine that happiness and money are proportionately related to each other.

In today’s world of materialism happiness has become hazy and temporary.

The desire for happiness is universal.

True happiness always springs from within.

Can money buy happiness ?

Can anyone sell happiness ?

One can find real happiness in work and nowhere else.

There is no direct link between happiness and money.

It is an instant happiness booster .

Laughter is not only a sign of happiness but also a sign of good health.

Her marriage brought happiness to her parents.

Don’t rely on someone else for your happiness and self-worth.

No person achieves success or happiness when compelled to do what he naturally dislikes to do.

Overthinking kills your happiness and dreams.

The greatest happiness lies in freedom.

I wish you happiness from the bottom of my heart.

He lost his happiness in the end.

You shouldn’t choose money over happiness.

Let’s share our problems and happiness instead of experiencing them alone.

Synonyms of Happiness


Cheer up and try again.

Let us cheer him up a little.

If he is sad, others try to cheer him up.

I bought him a present to cheer him up.

I’ve tried everything I know to cheer him up.

We tried to cheer him up by taking him out.


Her good humor and cheerfulness make her popular with her colleagues.


You need to avoid bad food habits that reduce iron content in the blood.

He is not content with his present salary.


I wish for a life of peace and contentment.


It is a matter of delight that you are going to arrange a party to celebrate your marriage anniversary.

It s a real delight to see your photograph in The Tribune.

She gets delight by watching various social serials.

The gifts will delight the children.

Children delight in comic books.

My brother takes great delight in his stamp collection.


How is delirium different from dementia?


It is an enchantment.


They have added to man’s comfort, health and enjoyment of existence.

It is a mental tonic of thrill and enjoyment.

They were the places of enjoyment.

Good books give us great enjoyment.

Although life has few enjoyments, yet we cling to it.


He exclaimed with joy that he had won a scholarship.

We all exclaimed with joy that we had won the match.

He exclaimed with joy that he was lucky to have won a gold medal.

The same object does not give the same amount of joy all the time.

It was the coldest day of the year but it was certainly a day of joy and pleasure for me.

To my utmost joy I passed my Matriculation Examination in the first division.


They burst into laughter at the teacher’s joke.

As I entered the house, there was a roar of laughter coming from the drawing room.

I pass into peals of laughter whenever I recollect it.

They heard laughter in the other room.

He was not humiliated by the laughter of his classmates.

Her laughter echoed through the house.


It is a paradise on earth.

The pits and the drains are paradise of mosquitoes, but hell for the residents.

Kashmir has been described as a paradise on earth.

It is like a paradise on the earth.

Peace of mind

This will give you a peace of mind and make sure that accidents don’t happen .

I know that worldly possessions do not add up to peace of mind.

When practiced regularly it gives you peace of mind and relaxes your brain.

Meditation will give you peace of mind.

Making your own mouthwash will give you a peace of mind as you know you are using safe ingredients.


The eyes filled with playfulness and vivacity

The stress we experience in our life is due to the playfulness of our minds.


I shall have the pleasure of taking you home.

I get intellectual pleasure from their reading.

The main purpose of a hobby is to derive pleasure out of it.

Reading for pleasure is quite different from reading under compulsion”.

It gives us pleasure and profit at the sometime.


This is land of prosperity.

Our country will become a heaven of peace and prosperity.

He married in the days of prosperity.

There will be peace and prosperity.

They prayed that God might bless her with prosperity.

Discipline enables a nation to march on the road of progress and prosperity.


You will be anxious to know about our well-being.

They are indifferent to their own well-being.

All religions give more importance to the welfare of the soul than to the physical well-being.

You should pay attention to your well-being.

Antonyms of Happiness


It can trigger heart diseases, obesity, depression and dental problems.

Learn practical and powerful ways to get over depression.

He was in a mood of depression.

She is apt to fits of depression.

She sometimes goes into a mood of depression.


She had seen the despair on his face, and she thought she’d lose him.

If we do not avail ourselves of the opportunities, we shall be left wringing our hands in despair when the opportunities have slipped away.

You should not despair of life just on account of these little troubles.

She was in despair when her husband died.

He was in despair over health problems.


The management has expressed displeasure over it.

Have I incurred your displeasure?

Did you show your displeasure?

Well there are many ways in which they show their displeasure.

A midnight telephone call gives us both shock and displeasure.


Do you have any cause for dissatisfaction?

It created more dissatisfaction among demonstrators.

He pouted with dissatisfaction.


This tendency spells gloom and doom for democracy.

A gloom overcame him


It is a melancholy story

Her words were filled with melancholy.

You are truly an antidote for my melancholy.


He puckered his face up in misery.

I had never been in a large city, and this rather added to my misery.

I have long been tolerating a life of insult and misery.

she came to her help in her hour of misery.

That landslide produced a lot of misery.

The family lived in the depths of misery.


Have you spoken to the doctor about your pain ?

In severe cases the pain can spread to your neck or ears.

It will ease pain and promotes blood circulation.

The accumulation of uric acid crystals inside the toe can cause pain .

I feel a pain in the back.

Can’t you understand the pain of your parents?


When they drove back to town, they were silent and heavy with sadness.

Her face reflects disgust and sadness

Those who do not know the sadness of love may not speak of it.

Her eyes were full of sadness.

It is a matter of sorrow and concern that families are splitting up these days.

He exclaimed with sorrow that they had lost the match.


It is a matter of sorrow that your parents do not take care of you.

It is a matter of sorrow that they snatched all her property.

His sorrow is a mere affectation.


Don’t trouble him at this hour.

My trouble is not the same as yours.

I can’t decide to get out of this trouble.


Discontentment is the root cause of all unhappiness.

It is a feeling or show of unhappiness because of the better fortune of others.

It leads to various types of ups and downs in his life leading to unhappiness and tensions.

She divorced him after many years of unhappiness.

That added to his unhappiness.

He divorced her after years of unhappiness.


Your desire to discontinue my studies has upset me greatly.

He’s too upset now to talk about the problem.

Your life partner may be upset with you regarding your spendthrift nature.

They are upset over the issue.

Bad weather upset our plans to go on a hike.

Don’t be upset by sudden change of the weather.


They stand by us in our weal and woe.

An Indian wife stands by her husband in weal and woe.

His wife remained constant and firm all through the weal and woe of her husband.

For almost all of us, life is a tale of woe.

They stand by us in our weal and woe.


They do not worry about the future.

We do not really worry how a man behaves at home.

Don’t worry about my dog. He won’t do you any harm.

He began to worry about how he was going to pay for his son’s education.

Don’t worry about it. It’s not your problem.


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