grown in a sentence

I have grown old now.

The man of today has grown very soft.

I have grown-up children.

He is still a child and hasn’t grown up yet.

I have grown into the habit of a nomadic life.

The fields are over grown with grass.

Human numbers have grown too many.

Wheat is grown in Punjab and U.P.

All of my friends have grown old.

You have grown so much.

The fields are grown over with grass.

I am a grown woman.

Are these vegetables grown in your own garden?

It has grown dark.

I have grown sick of this dull life.

Wheat is grown both in Panjab and Haryana.

More and more trees should be grown in the city.

I have grown flowers, vegetables and fruit in the garden.

We have grown vegetables.

You have grown soft.

I have grown so weak that I cannot even walk.

Trees and flowers are grown with much labour.

He has grown old.

Frankly speaking, I have grown sick of living in rented houses.

have not recovered fully yet, I have grown very weak.

More and more trees should be grown in the city.

Man has slowly and gradually grown into a social being.

Different types of fruits and vegetables are grown in this season.

My son has grown out of this shirt.

Mangoes are grown in many different countries.

A child’s troubles may seem small to grown ups but they are very big to him.

Now he has grown old.

The population of this town has steadily grown over the years.

I have grown some roses.

I am lucky that I have grown up in the company of nature.

Will all his companions have grown old ?

I have grown old.

He has grown feeble with age.

His popularity has grown with the years.

I have grown vegetables, flowers and fruit trees in my garden.

Wild flowers have grown all over the field.

Apples are grown in Himachal Pradesh.

His father has grown old.

We have grown up in the arms of our mothers.

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