greed in a sentence

This is because of greed among us.

Human greed has brought about this crisis.

Greed for money is a bad thing.

She was actuated to commit murder by greed.

Greed is a curse.

Greed destroys relationships.

The greed of man made him offer even human sacrifice to please God.

Greed is harmful.

This suffering is the outcome of your greed.

He had paid the price for his greed.

Greed is evil.

Greed is a source of unhappiness.

The greed and selfish nature of humans have degraded nature by polluting it.

Above all human being and their greed for more is the ultimate cause of all the environmental issue.

Their greed makes them so short-sighted that they fail to see that they are in turn

digging their own graves.

Unethical practices and limitless greed has lead to a low level of moral responsibility.

He let his greed get the better of him.

Her greed is amazing.

He lived to regret his greed of gold.

The root cause of this evil is the greed of the parents.

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