greatly in a sentence

That story-book has interested me greatly.

It has added greatly to the human comfort and happiness.

She will be greatly surprised if she is selected.

The book has greatly interested me.

He is greatly appreciated.

I greatly enjoyed this match.

By following these methods, we can greatly improve the standard of our education.

I feel greatly concerned about your loss.

I am greatly attached to my old house.

I have been greatly attached to him.

He was greatly disturbed.

It shocked him greatly.

We all miss you greatly.

We were enjoying our picnic greatly.

I liked the film greatly.

I am sure you will greatly enjoy the company of my friends.

I felt greatly relieved.

I felt greatly relieved.

I am greatly upset over it.

Discipline is greatly needed to improve the atmosphere in educational institutions.

I was greatly excited to see them.

Everyone greatly appreciated my work.

I am greatly shocked to learn about the sad and untimely demise of your mother.

I am greatly afflicted at the loss of my health.

It has profited me greatly.

I must hurry back at once, or my business will greatly suffer.

The use of plastics has greatly increased.

I am greatly worried about my result.

He praised his music greatly.

I was greatly upset.

For the removal of many of the troubles of our society, the spread of education is greatly necessary.

Tourism brings in revenue to our country and contributes greatly in a foreign earning industry.

Your response is greatly appreciated,

I greatly appreciate your efforts during our festival.

We all are greatly upset over it.

I shall feel greatly obliged to you.

We were greatly shocked to hear the news of his death.

When a bowler claims a wicket, he is greatly cheered.

I was greatly tired.

I was greatly excited.

My parents have greatly admired it.

He will be greatly surprised if he is chosen.

I was so greatly shocked that I could not speak a word.

The final plan differs greatly from the original one.

Music and art can greatly contribute to the enjoyment of life.

The temperature in different places can vary greatly at the same time of year.

His apprehension greatly hinders his progress.

He is greatly respected by his students.

He was greatly amused at your suggestion.

The cost of living has greatly risen in the past ten years.

She failed the examination and I was greatly disappointed.

Einstein’s theories contributed greatly to modern science.

I was greatly impressed by the speech.

People greatly differ in their views of life.

They will contribute greatly to the growth of the town.

Her studies contributed greatly to developing scientific research.

We were all greatly amused by his jokes.

Scientific knowledge has greatly advanced since the 16th century.

I greatly admire her for her bravery.

You have greatly pleased them.

You greatly impressed me.

My friend was greatly pleased to see me.

If I do not hurry back at once, my business will greatly suffer.

I was greatly surprised that he failed.

He was greatly successful in all his dealings.

Your decision to get me married so soon has greatly upset me.

We all greatly miss you.

All were greatly happy to hear the news.

We were greatly impressed by it.

He returned home greatly disappointed.

Parents greatly love their children.

He felt greatly pleased.

All the visitors were greatly impressed at the talent of our young scientists.

I am greatly indebted to him for this help.

It is greatly assumed

We were greatly surprised to find it.

He felt greatly inspired from these epic tales.

I am greatly worried about it.

I felt greatly relieved.

He was so greatly shocked that he could not speak.

Daytime sleepiness can greatly affect your work performance.

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